Earlier today I received this comment from TED.com editor Emily McMagnus:

Just dropping a note here, because this has been such a wonderful thread and community, to say: SIGH! Have you seen the latest outcropping of woo on TEDx?
It’s not possible for anyone to be more upset about this than I am, and I’d love to talk about it.
So basically, TEDx is a community continuously under assault by pseudoscience now. This latest mess-up is interesting to me because it involves a lot of the low-grade health woo that I think all of us have encountered in conversations in our own lives. I’d love to know: How do you speak respectfully to your students, friends, family when they start talking about how great this health woo is?
Please know TEDx is on the case to prevent this kind of event from recurring, and your thoughts are welcome!

English-language readers can read a Google-translation of the TEDxValenciaWomen website in English. (It should keep translating the pages if you follow links to the biographies of the speakers, etc.) Similarly, you can read commentary elsewhere on-line translated into English via a translated Google search.

I’m too pressed for time to offer my own thoughts at this moment, but hope to add some later. Likewise, I will try append to this post examples of the concerns being expressed.

In the meantime, please offer your thoughts, suggestions.

Those wanting some of the back story may like to read my earlier article that Emily directed her comment at, On vetting TED(x) events – a suggestion.