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A meteorite on my knee

Grant Jacobs Dec 11, 2015

The heft of the thing was impressive for something that fitted the palm of my hand. And the crystallisation (?) patterns of the metal intriguing. Here’s a closer look – Crystallisation pattern on meteorite I know very little about meteorites, but it was great to hold a chunk of metal that has been hurling around … Read More


Genetic modification now accepted by most New Zealanders

Grant Jacobs Dec 09, 2015

From 2001 to 2014 there has been a big shift to acceptance of genetic modification, from 92% opposed to genetic engineering (GE) to 80% accepting it. Prof. Jean Fleming,[1] presented at the recent Science Communicator’s Association of New Zealand annual conference some results from Katherine Hope’s 2014 Masters thesis,[1] which covered a survey … Read More

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About those meat and cancer stories

Grant Jacobs Oct 28, 2015

Many media reports are reporting it incorrectly or confusingly. For example, in New Zealand’s TV3 News starts out1 World Health Organisation (WHO) experts have put processed meat in the same cancer-causing category as cigarettes … … it has ranked processed meat in the highest cancer risk category, alongside asbestos and even smoking. Sorry, but … Read More


Science by kids

Grant Jacobs Oct 22, 2015

There are scientific journals by kids. Research scientists publish their work in scientific journals, where they are reviewed by other scientists. There’s one where articles are written by scientists, and reviewed by kids! It’s called Frontiers for Young Minds.[1] Not a bad way to hone your skills on writing … Read More


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