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This list of science blogs is intended as much for my own use as anyone else! Among other things I hope it will help to locate those who move, as bloggers occasionally do. It’s ordered alphabetically.

This list is now wildly out of date. Sorry, but people keep moving! (Sod ’em.) That said, most links will still point to somewhere sensible. I will update this… one day. Most likely this won’t happen before mid-February, 2011.

While I might possibly bring this up to a sane state at some point, if you want a sampling of everything, try

Because of my interests, the list is biased to biology. Readers are most welcome to nominate blogs to be added to the list by visiting the post introducing this page.  (All disciplines welcome, but don’t be offended if your favourite doesn’t make it; this is a personal list after all!)

I am not endorsing these, esp. as some are listed on the recommendation of others. (I do check, but a brief look isn’t the same as what regular readers will understand of a blog!) I haven’t listed many that belong to one of the larger blog groups; my focus is on those who have shifted camp or are independent.

Lists / aggregators

Friendfeed lists


Individual blogs and smaller collectives

(Format: Blog name (Blogger) Notes. If the blogger writes under a pseudonym, that’s what you’ll get for their name. Blog names starting with pronouns are sorted using the following word.)

Apple Pie and the Universe (Alyssa Gilbert) Previous also wrote on Way Oort West on Nature Network. AP & TU is her ’home’ location; the older blog is now closed.


Bad Science (Ben Goldacre) Doctor and columnist at the Guardian. Known to brutally attack pseudoscience.

Biology Blog ()

bioemphemera has moved from back to her stand-alone site.

Bjoern Brembs

A Blog Around the Clock (Bora Zivkovic) Formerly of Scienceblogs, long-time blogger and promoter of science communication, Bora runs the annual ScienceOnline meetings and founded Open Laboratory, which annually publishes the best of the science blogosphere.

Byte Size Biology

Cocktail Party Physics (Jennifer Ouellette and several others*) Long-time science writer, author of several books (with a physics focus), and director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange. Excellent reading. (*Not meaning to discredit ‘the others’, but typing all these names is getting to me tonight!)

Culturing Science

Deep Thoughts and Silliness (Bob O’Hara) Now also blogging with is wife, GrrlScientist at Scientopia.

Eruptions (Erik Klemetti) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

Evolving Thoughts (John Wilkins) Suggested by Matty Smith.

The Frontal Cortex (Jonah Lehrer) Was in scienceblogs, has planned move to the new Wired site for some time.

Gene Expression (Razib Khan) At Discover blogs.

Genomes Unzipped (Dan Vorhaus, Daniel MacArthur, Caroline Wright, Jan Aerts (and others??))

Good Math, Bad Math (Mark Chu-Carroll) Formerly of Scienceblogs, not aware of new digs just yet. (Let me know.)

Goodbye Gram (Dave Mosher)

Maniraptora (GrrlScientist) She has several blog homes, this is the Nature Network one. Her ’main’ base now appears to be at Scientopia as This Scientific Life. Her WordPress site, the invisible scientist, is acting as a mirror. She has many domains, these will apparently act as redirects pointing to her eventual destination (I think that the brand GrrlScientist is trying to take over the world!):

Highly Autochthonous (Chris Rowan and Anne Jefferson) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

Laelaps (Brian Switek) Formerly of Scienceblogs. He also writes at Dinosaur Tracking for the Smithsonian.

Mind the Gap (Jennifer Rohn) Scientist, science writer, novelist and LabLit founder. (Did I miss any?) Over at Nature Network.

Myrmecos (Alex Wild) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

Mystery Rays from Outer Space (Ian York) Now working at the CDC, this excellent blog is (understandably!) going slower while he sets up lab.

Neuron Culture (David Dodds) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

Not Exactly Rocket Science (Ed Yong) British science writer.

Primate Diaries in Exile (Eric Michael Johnson) Formerly The Primate Diaries of Scienceblogs.

Plankton and Philosophy (The author doesn’t give their name…) A newcomer from New Zealand, by the looks of it possibly from my hometown, Christchurch.

The Quantum Pontiff (Dave Bacon) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

The Questionable Authority (Mike Dunford) Formerly of Scienceblogs and a contributor to The Pandas Thumb. No new digs reported, but says that he will let people know via Twitter: questauthority.

Rebbecca Skloot (Rebbecca Skloot) Formerly of Scienceblogs, returning to her author’s website.

The Renaissance Mathematicus () History of science.

Respectful Insolence (Orac [pseudonym]) At scienceblogs, but if this link doesn’t yield current posts (he writes most days), try either: or

Sandwalk (Larry Moran) Evolutionary biology and more from Toronto.

Save Your Breath For Running Ponies

Scicurious (Sci,aka Scicurious) Formerly of Scienceblogs. Now at Scientopia.

Science/AAAS blogs; click on ‘blogs and community’.

Science After Sunclipse (Blake Stacey and Eirc & Ben) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

SCIENCE Test 2morrow (Kathleen M. Raven)

Science-based Medicine (Various, collective) Medicine-related topics, including false claims and unsound remedies.

Speakeasy Science (Deborah Blum) Formerly of Scienceblogs. Long-time science journalist and book author. Active in the World Federation of Science Journalists. She now also blogs at Wired, under Elemental.

Superbug (Maryn McKenna) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

Terra Sigillata (’Abel Pharmaboy’ [pseudonym]) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

Thus Spake Zuska (Suzanne Franks) Formerly of Scienceblogs. Now at Scientopia.

The Loom (Carl Zimmer) Well-known science writer and book author.

Virology blog (Vincent Racaniello) Excellent concise summaries of topical virology issues.

Visual Science (Rebecca Horne) Discover’s photo director; stunning images.

VXXYNot (Cath Ennis) Previously also blogged at rENNISance woman on Nature Networks.

White Coat Underground (’PalMD’) Formerly of Scienceblogs.

Why Evolution is True (Jerry Coyne)

Wild Muse

WordMunger (David Munger) David also created and runs ResearchBlogging and previously The Daily Monthly. He co-wrote Cognitive Daily at Scienceblogs, but left well before the PepsiCo fuss.

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