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All things pooped Grant Jacobs Aug 20

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While my next post lies in the wings for the weekend, right in time for Friday afternoon is the first edition of the Carnal Carnival.

Christina Pikas described the opening theme as craptacular. (In response to this I couldn’t help imagining Batman (or Robin) doing the job, standing up, then looking into the bowl exclaiming… ’Craptacular!’ Why wasn’t this in the TV series?)

The carnival already has hosts booked up for well over a year and features a different carnal theme each month.

As you’ve already guessed, the opening month’s theme is crap. The biological kind.

16th Century drawing of a person defaecating (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

16th Century drawing of a person defaecating (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

For those that follow science blogs, this is the reason behind all the excretory-related posts of late.

There are posts of all kinds, and many of them.

Don’t forget there is interesting science there. Being science blogging, this is a chance to look at serious science in a lighter way, rather than exercise out-right toilet humour.

Enjoy it.

Ford Prefect advised taking a towel. A toilet roll is more appropriate for this adventure.


You can read the background of how this blog carnival arose at Bora’s blog.

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Bioinformatics blog carnival Grant Jacobs Mar 21

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I have been belatedly alerted to the first edition of the bioinformatics blog carnival.

"Code Monkey" (Source: wikipedia)

"Code Monkey" by Jawbone Len (Source: wikipedia)

For the uninitiated, blog carnivals are efforts to promote interest in a particular area through publishing a monthly (fortnightly, weekly) ’carnival’ collecting the better works from a call for submissions by bloggers in that area. Broad areas like science as a whole are well represented, specialist areas less so. This is the first carnival I’ve run into specifically for bioinformatics (but then I haven’t tried hard…)

The permanent home page for the bioinformatics blog carnival provides a form to offer submissions and contact form to reach the organiser, Iddo Friedberg. (Don’t you just hate the background pattern for blog hosting page!) More detailed instructions can be found on the call for submissions to the first carnival.

Sections included are Programming, Databases, Genomics and Structural Biology.

I’m particularly pleased to see the Structural Biology section, as this is ’home turf’ for me, one that to my huge frustration I don’t get to use enough.

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