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Sea stars and mosaics Grant Jacobs Nov 29

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At first you wonder if this sea star is real. It looks more like a kid’s geometric doodle from a distracted afternoon at school than an animal.[1]

Click on image for source; Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license

The World Asteriodea Database indicates Iconaster longimanus was first described in 1859. (The photo above was taken by Dieter in the Philippines in February 2007.)

(Source: Wikimeda, pubic domain.)

Among the later descriptions in the Asteriodea Database entries are ones from the famous HMS Challenger voyage.

To most today the name Challenger recalls the space shuttle that horrifically broke up little over a minute into it’s flight and brought a temporary halt to the shuttle program. The shuttle Challenger was named after the HMS Challenger, whose voyage was a grand British scientific survey of it’s day.[2]

Unlike the short life of the ill-fated space-farer, HMS Challenger’s voyage spanned over several years, 1872-1876 and travelled the world.

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