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Structured procrastination, 2 Dec 2012 Grant Jacobs Dec 03

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Another edition of my irregular structured procrastination reading lists – have fun exploring these. (Geekier ones nearer the end.)

Sci-fi movie

Geneticist Ricki Lewis offers a review of Jim, which she says is more compelling than GATTACA. The movie can be viewed on-line. (If you watch it, let me know what you think.)

Gene-based dating

You think gene-based dating in sci-fi? It’s already with us. See also this twitter conversation. (There’s also a service that matches dates by their dogs.)

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Easter eggs and science Grant Jacobs Apr 04


Things to do with your easter egg (besides eat it).

YouTube Preview Image

Seeing as this blog collective is less than a year old, I think I can be forgiven for recycling last year’s egg video. (I saw this a year ago; it’s a classic despite the relatively modest viewing statistics it has garnered.)

I particularly like the use of the hammers to flick the marble on.

Greg Laden has this video up. Inspired by this, I searched for other science-related, easter-egg related videos on YouTube. There’s more than you might think! I’ll only show one or two of them. Among others, I am not showing the surprising number of American science classes building catapults to hurtle easter eggs long distances…

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