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Water news haikus no. 8 Daniel Collins Jan 15

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How could I forget
Events distilled like sake
Yes, haikus are back


Disrupted monsoon
A model where mountains rule
Not Tibet plateau

In the great north lakes
Evap now trumps precip in
Lake level changes

New Zealand

Shortfalls of water
Enter garden restrictions
Zero to xeri


How not to write news
Alternet’s coverage error
Panned by blog critics

Plummeting lake height
Yields fewer fish, more migrants
Next stop: Chad dust bowl

Epic fight for wealth
Water book tracks history
You are what you read

Equipment destroyed
As punishment, vandals must
Risk crocs for water

Water news haikus no. 7 Daniel Collins Dec 11

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More regular than
India’s summer monsoon
But not quite as wet


A seismic story
Of fluvial erosion
Around Gibraltar

Minimal model
Of monsoonal tipping point
Controlled by water

Historical links
Between war and temp’rature
What of climate change?

New Zealand

ECan’s head in sand:
Surface-groundwater exchange
Timaru study

Farmer to spill beans
On effluent management
After spilling crap


Water footprinting
Guide to water assessment
Virtual focus

Index of Banned Words
From science journalism
Some seem a tad odd

Water meter use
Encouraged in the UK
To control demand

Water as weapon
Or water as the trigger
Water conflict dates

Haiku news no. 6 Daniel Collins Dec 07

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Haikus, belated
But surely not forgotten,
Are all about risks


Regional flood risk
Water storage threshold gauged
By the GRACE of god

Urban water risks
Drought and demand managed with
Leases and options

Runoff, climate change
Predictions with simple model:

New Zealand

Rain spoils cherry crop
Ripening fruit swell and split
Due to osmosis

Waitaki DC
Catches self in water ‘theft’
Camp ground flow, too free

New Marlborough scheme
Brings new options, certitude
To irrigators


CRU scandal
Misgrasped by non-science shills
Climate change still real

Kenya drought-insured
Claims checked via satellite
First case in third world

On water, women:
Gender inequality
Hinders health and life

Haiku news no. 5 Daniel Collins Nov 27

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An abridged coverage
Of news this week due to a
Conference, and Thriller

New Zealand

Earthquake cools the pools
Rejigged plumbing changes flows
Below Southern Alps

Manawatu flows
Top among polluted list
Top cause: nitrogen

Drinking water crap
In many rural locales
One in four at risk

Water news haikus no. 4 Daniel Collins Nov 20

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From water cycle
Via media cycle
To haiku cycle


Water on the moon
Discovery follows probe
Evidence clouded

Bayes and RCMs
Give projections of the Thames
Water resources

Water and money
Modelled for Brazilian farms
New method, old news

Off to AGU?
Geobloggers check this out
Shame I won’t be there

New Zealand

Key to Fed Farmers:
’We only use a fraction’
Of water cycle

Roaring Meg viewing
Historic hydro station
Enhanced, not busted

Waikato tussle
Over manure disposal
Farmers unhappy


Argentina runs dry
From wheat export to import
Curse you La Nina!

Like water towers?
Feeds your addiction

Laundry crosses line
Hanging unmentionables

Water news haikus no. 3 Daniel Collins Nov 13

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The week that just was
In water and science news
Distilled like sake


Australian drought
Rising temps compound low rain
P minus ET

Teapot effect: solved
Had enough of dribbly spouts?
Thin lip, hydrophobe

Hyped science backlash
Don’t over-sell evidence
Keep uncertainties

New Zealand

Climate change forecast:
Weather likely more extreme
Perhaps already?

Canty water plan
ECan supports 10 to 2
Stay tuned for their views


Water Advocates:
Health and water, hand in hand
Four 5ths of poor’s ills

Bjorn Lomborg’s op-ed
Gets the hydrology wrong
Climate change risks missed

Groundwater declines
Resemble oil shortages
Don’t race to the pump

Snow melt, crops not synced?
‘Glacier Man’ has the answer:
Engineered glaciers

Water news haikus Daniel Collins Nov 06

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More haikus for you’s
Could this be the beginning
Of a trend in news?


Flood risk perceptions
Correlate with age, knowledge
Lessons from Holland

Irrigation’s role
In Asia’s summer monsoon


New Zealand

Gerry Brownlee said:
“Not the Mokihinui”
Loose lips sink dam hopes

FedFarmers wants dams
To secure farming’s future
Typical drum beat


At Copenhagen
Climate and water don’t mix?
Should be no brainer

Cloud seeding hazards
Beijing snowstorm stops traffic
16 million tonnes

Nazca decline cause:
Too much deforestation
Crossed lines in the sand


SMOS satellite launched
Soil moisture and ocean salt
Introspective eye

Thirsty time traveller?
Oxygenated water
Dr Who approved

Science news haikus Daniel Collins Oct 30


Great_Wave_off_KanagawaIn the spirit of
the scientific abstract:
Science news haikus


Groundwater recharge
How it changes with climate
Could be good or bad

Virtual water
Maps inefficienct usage

New Zealand

CRI taskforce
Purpose, governance, funding
Bring home the bacon

Wild rivers campaign
Advocating solitions
“Rivers, wild and free”

Waitaki birthday
The dam turns 75
Built with picks and spades

Laissez-faire water
Private operation eased
Water, “core service”?


Food aid a mixed bag
Focus on Short-term band-aid
Misses long-term costs

Levant water fight
Israeli water use fair?
Arguments flying

Holes in the bucket
Water leak photo essay
Thermo’s 2nd law

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