A hadrosaur dinosaur in Mexico and a science conscious Mother Brigid Gallagher Jul 24

Today I had a flash back.  Our 3 year old was having a pout about not seeing any bones at the Auckland Art gallery and that they had not been to the museum.  And our 6 year old was describing her favorite pieces at the Gallery which were the Maori designs and patterns…and I thought… [...]

What in Earth???? Brigid Gallagher Feb 19

So you are looking to buy or develop a nice piece of land on our beautiful New Zealand coastline? I can see it now…the long gin and tonic, the slice of lime, the sound of native birds hopping about a canopy of lush green native flora… Yerrrkkkkk!!!! Whats that? There is an archaeological site in [...]

Baldrick’s Cunning Plan? Brigid Gallagher Feb 12

For all the archaeologists, history buffs, enthusiasts and Time Team (Tony Robinson) fans out there – Baahahaahahahahaha!  

Richard III – A Right Royal Scientific Synthesis Recipe Brigid Gallagher Feb 11

My text and email has been alive the past weeks.  ”You must be really fascinated”, ” WOW, is it cool!”, “Have you been watching news”. What has it all been about?  Richard the III of course! The coolest thing about this? Is that the use of a well know person or family can drag archaeology [...]

3-D X-Ray is Big News for Archaeological Research Brigid Gallagher Sep 13

ArtInfo has released an article today which has me very excited, and thinking of ways it could be used in New Zealand archaeology.   Instead of having to consolidate (or glue together) a fragile pot, urn, vessel, or block of loose soil,  with low concentrate adhesives, co-polymers, acrylics and the like, And then slowly micro-excavate the contents inside by hand [...]

To Destroy, or Preserve? That is the Question on the Effects of Volcanism in Archaeology Brigid Gallagher Aug 16

In front of me a volcano is erupting.  This is a slight exaggeration…but from my window last Friday, I could see a long low trail of ash from White Island spread above the horizon, and small billows of white changing form where another burst of steam spews forth. I have been fighting the urge to go and [...]

Ground Truthing Archaeological Evidence at Castle Howard Brigid Gallagher Aug 06

‘I am looking for archaeological evidence [before I believe it]’ says field archaeologist Phil Harding during a  recently aired Time Team episode. On a site where archaeological remains are suspected,  archaeologists go equipped with information ranging from maps, plans and sketches, to remote sensing technology , specialist expertise and experience, but none can guarantee the [...]

Grizzly Beastly Magically Science Stories in Museums Brigid Gallagher Jul 31

Of late I have been caught up with young children and the real world of a heritage conservation and archaeology business. But now I am back and wanted to kick off  with some thoughts about a small museum. One that is fairly typical of many we have visited and have littered about NZ.  This weekend I was seduced by a heritage museum [...]

New Evidence of Controlled Fire Use by Ancestors, 1 million years ago, at Wonderwerk (Miracle) Cave, South Africa Brigid Gallagher Apr 03

  Ask anybody today what the fundamental requirements of life are, and they will tell you….food, shelter, lighting, warmth, their iphone… Ask anybody in prehistory what the fundamental requirements of life are, and they may tell you….food, shelter, lighting, warmth… And for most of this, until recently, that meant fire.  Fire to protect, Fire to [...]

Auckland Museum Research and Scholarship Medals, and the future Research Centre Brigid Gallagher Feb 29

During a night of celebration, expectation and promise at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Trust Board and key figures at the Museum, including the recently appointed director, Roy Clare, re-instigated the Auckland Museum Medal Awards.  Lauded as a return to the original intent of museums, to care for and conduct research on its collections, [...]

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