The Naked Scientists hit New Zealand Peter Griffin Jul 25

If you like listening to science podcasts, you’ll love the live shows that are coming up in Auckland and Wellington featuring Dr Chris Smith who leads the merry  band of scientists and journalists known as The Naked Scientists. Chris was an early pioneer of science podcasting, starting The Naked Scientists in 1999 as a podcast [...]

Where should the science funding dollars be going? Peter Griffin Jul 24

A few weeks ago I headed up the hill to Victoria University to hear science and innovation minister Steven Joyce launch a document called the “Draft National Statement of Science Investment 2014 – 2024“. If you are a scientist in New Zealand, or involved in the science system, this should be very important to you. [...]

Want to lower your carbon footprint? Eat less beef Peter Griffin Jul 23

When it comes to industries that are seen as damaging to the environment, the dairy sector is usually the prime target in New Zealand. And there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the production that powers our largest export industry is having an increasingly apparent impact on the land and our waterways. The scale [...]

Tangaroa gets an overhaul Peter Griffin Jul 11

NIWA’s research ship Tangaroa has spent the last few weeks in dry dock at the Devonport Naval Base where it is receiving an overhaul that will set it up well for many more voyages of discovery. But the inclement weather in Auckland has hampered efforts to get a fresh coat of paint onto Tangaroa’s bottom. [...]

Big dish our eye to the universe Peter Griffin Jul 07

As a kid heading north out of Auckland on holiday road trips I used to love going past the big satellite earth station near Warkworth. For decades, the earth station, which was built by the New Zealand Post Office in 1971 and is owned by Telecom, formed a major link for voice and data communications [...]

New Zealand’s seven most influential scientists Peter Griffin Jun 23

UPDATED: At least seven New Zealand scientists have featured in a list including the top 1 per cent most-cited researchers in science worldwide. They include (I missed a couple of expat Kiwis out so have updated the list): A couple of ex-pat Kiwis also make it into the 1% club. Professor Rob Knight, University of [...]

Giant squid dissection – livestreaming now! Peter Griffin Jun 19

This is fascinating… AUT researchers examining a giant squid… live streaming now!

Science communicators are better scientists Peter Griffin Jun 13

A couple of days ago, I received a flurry of LinkedIn messages – people congratulating me on six years managing the New Zealand Science Media Centre. Some automated LinkedIn alert had flagged an anniversary I had overlooked.  Well, those six years have flown by in what has amounted to the most productive, rewarding and interesting [...]

Is CRI science being twisted to commercial ends? Peter Griffin Jun 12

UPDATED: We all know that our Crown Research Institutes carry out a lot of commercial work for clients, in fact they are encouraged to do so in the interests of returning a dividend to the Crown which funds them. But are those commercial relationships influencing the scientific advice that scientists give? Back in April, Massey [...]

Calicivirus and the Great Easter Bunny Hunt Peter Griffin Jun 11

Mystery still surrounds exactly how a group of renegade farmers imported the calicivirus into New Zealand in 1997 and spread it around the South Island in a bid to kill the rabbits that were destroying their land. But 17 years later, scientists have been able to give some indication of the impact the illicit introduction [...]

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