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Israel: Startup Nation

Peter Griffin Aug 28, 2015

Sciblogs editor and Science Media Centre director Peter Griffin spent a week in Israel attending the World Science Conference and visiting some of the country’s most innovative technology startups. Check back here for new posts documenting the insights he gained from the ‘startup nation’. Also check out Peter Griffin’s interview with Radio New Zealand about Israel’s startup ecosystem. Read More

Salt of the earth

Peter Griffin Aug 21, 2015

When you drink from a tap in Israel, chances are that you are taking a mouthful of the Mediterranean. As I explained in my last water-themed post, around 60 per cent of Israel is desert and the rest of it is pretty dry too. The Dead Sea on the east border of the country is an incredibly salty body … Read More

When boring is good

Peter Griffin Aug 21, 2015

“Do you ever feel tired during the day? Do you suffer from mild headaches?” The questions were coming thick and fast from Gabi Arad, of Israeli medical device maker Itamar, which is based in the ancient Roman town of Caeserea, halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The previous night I’d worn to bed Itamar’s US$5,000 WatchPAT device, a bulky watch … Read More

Scotland’s GM ban and the backlash from science

Peter Griffin Aug 19, 2015

A group of scientific institutions in the UK and Europe have today sent an open letter to Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead, expressing dismay at Scotland’s proposal to ban GM crops in the country. Here’s the letter in full… 17th August 2015 Dear Mr Lochhead Your announcement that the Scottish Government proposes to ban … Read More

The effort to green the Negev

Peter Griffin Aug 18, 2015

A look at a map of the Middle East confirms that Israel is a tiny country relative to its neighbours. But consider the fact that 60 per cent of its landmass is also covered in desert, an arid expanse to the south of the country – the Negev. Yesterday I ventured into the blistering heat of the Negev desert, where … Read More

Is science the new peace plan?

Peter Griffin Aug 17, 2015

Could science be the bridgehead for peaceful collaboration in the Middle East where all else has failed? That’s the question preoccupying many at the World Conference of Science being held in Israel where 15 Nobel Laureates are holding a week of lectures and panel discussions for 400 high school and university students from 70 countries. If anyone expected the Nobel … Read More


Three day blogging holiday as Sciblogs 2.0 boots up

Peter Griffin Aug 06, 2015

After nearly six years wearing the same shoes, Sciblogs is getting a new set of trainers! From Monday, our new website will feature the work of 30 or so scientists, researchers and writers, with guest contributions from many more. We’ll have some new bloggers coming onboard over the next couple of months and a focus on research news, drawing on … Read More

Sci21: Web show launching soon

Peter Griffin Aug 03, 2015

A new online video series looking at the big science-related issues of the 21st century and featuring some of the country’s top researchers is soon to hit Youtube. Sci21 is the brainchild of AUT University’s Professor Steve Pointing and promises to explore interesting and important issues with unique perspectives from the scientists involved. Initial episodes will feature nanotechnologist Dr Michelle … Read More

Science, startups and deciding to pivot

Peter Griffin Jul 07, 2015

It was an emotional weekend in Wellington. There was the thrill of anticipation in the run-up to Saturday night’s clash between the Hurricanes and the Highlanders, then the emptiness of defeat as the Cake Tin emptied and thousands of yellow-clad rugby fans trudged home. But at Creative HQ a stone’s throw from Courtenay Place where smug-looking Highlanders fans … Read More


Sciblogs 2.0 coming soon – wanna get involved?

Peter Griffin Jun 26, 2015

After nearly six years in operation, Australasia’s largest blog network is getting a facelift and some fresh voices. Sciblogs features commentary from around 30 scientists and science writers and is consistently ranked among the country’s top 10 blogs based on Sitemeter statistics. But the platform is well overdue for a revamp and will soon be relaunched with a … Read More

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