I’ve just arrived in Vancouver* and had the pleasure of sampling Auckland airport’s revamped international departure lounge. More comfy seating, more shops, a rather scrummy gelato bar and then bam. I was (visually) assaulted by a flashing blue display for something called 1Above**. The world’s first aerotonic** flight beverage, apparently. According to the press release, 1Above** was “designed, formulated, bottled and developed in New Zealand” and launched at Auckland airport in early December “where it is sold exclusively to international travelers”.

Like me, you might be wondering what an aerotonic** beverage is. Back to the press release:

Developed specifically for flying, 1Above is lightly flavoured, low in calories and deeply refreshing. It delivers fast electrolyte-enhanced hypotonic hydration, grapeflo (a unique blend of circulation-supporting polyphenol extracts like those found in red wine) and essential daily nutrients, all of which may be depleted whilst traveling. Aimed at naturally supporting the body against the impact of jet lag and cold/flu or circulation issues, each bottle contains a balanced range of electrolytes, 67-133% of your daily B vitamins, 67% of your daily vitamin C needs and is high in polyphenol extracts, which have been shown to be important in a diet designed to support the circulation.

Right. I think I’ve got it. You need to stay hydrated. And this lo-cal mix of vitamins and stuff should protect you from jetlag, infection and deep vein thrombosis. Hmmmm. I can’t find anything on the website that says they have tested it in any way.

Apparently 1Above** sells for 6.50 NZD a litre and the staff work out how much you need depending on your length of travel. According to the website you need to drink 200-400 mL preflight and then 200-300 mL per hour of flight time. You then get it in a quite nice blue flask type container. They appeared to be selling like hotcakes. Although I’m not sure what the capacity of the flask was but it didn’t look like one would be enough for the 13h flight from Auckland to Vancouver for which you would need between 2.8 and 4.3L. The guy in the seat next to me bought a bottle but I didn’t see him drink it once during the flight….. As for me, I drank plenty of water*** which the lovely flight attendants were constantly walking up an down the isles offering.

*For a conference on tuberculosis, which I may try posting some highlights about.


***Admittedly not 4L of the stuff….