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Monday Micro

Posted By Siouxsie Wiles On December 3, 2012 @ 10:00 am In Environment and Ecology,Health and Medicine,Science | No Comments

Welcome back to Monday Micro. Last week’s Monday was lacking in microbiology factoids as I was at the New Zealand Microbiology Society [1]‘s annual meeting*. This year it was at the University of Otago [2] in Dunedin. Highlights for me were keynotes by Rob Knight [3] (microbiomes and Next Gen Sequencing), Eric Ruben [4] (TB) and Steven Wilhelm [5] (cyanobacterial blooms). Tweets of some of the talks are here [6].

Highlights for me:

Finding that lots of people flush public toilets with their feet, that cyanobacteria are a bad food source “like ordering pizza and only eating the box”** and that “we are all accidents of history”***.

Moving on, Round 3 of the SciFund Challenge is in full swing so if you fancy supporting some microbiology projects Amy Truitt wants so study butterflies and their sexually transmitted diseases [7], Will Helenbrook is studying the effects of infectious diseases on Mantled howler monkeys [8] and Andy MacDonald is working on Lyme disease [9].

* The slides for my talk (Fireflies and superbugs: when science and nature collide) are up on slideshare [10]. I started my talk with my Meet the Lampyridae animation [11]….

** Steven Wilhelm
*** Unknown kilted MC of conference dinner :)

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