Today I went to listen to head of the Royal Society Sir Paul Nurse talk at the University of Auckland. His talk was titled “Making science work” which he explained meant “Making science work for society”. You can see a collection of the tweets from the talk here (sorry, most of them are mine mainly because it turns out that I am a speedy live-tweeter, who knew!).

My favourite quote from Sir Paul was this:

Hearing him say that this afternoon, having spent the morning seeing the almost immediate feedback from the first post on my ‘What’s killing Kiwis’ collaboration with Paul Gardner and Mike Dickison, has made me realise even more how important true open science is. Having our “random walk” guided in real time by feedback from our peers has got to be the future of science. Mike is currently working on a new website for my lab and one of the things it will have is the lab book for our crowdfunded Evolution in Action project. Watch this space!

And I’ll leave you with the beginnings of a science bingo card, inspired by the pseudoscience bingo card posted by Michael Edmonds a little while ago. The idea is to have a bingo card made up of the many different stock phrases. For psychics this will be something like “sensing an older woman relative” or “a name beginning with T”, etc. The first person to tick off a line (or even a whole card!) ‘yells’ bingo. Preferably on twitter so as not to disrupt the talk…. Let me know what words you think should be there.