The number of people who have died in Guinea from Ebola virus infection is now at 78, and Médecins sans Frontières says the country faces an unprecedented epidemic. Two sisters have died in neighbouring Liberia, one of whom had recently returned from Guinea, and Senegal has closed its borders with the west African country.

Despite there being no treatment or vaccine against this highly lethal virus, according to Joette Calabrese there is hope. “Fortunately for us, homeopathy has great renown for its healing ability in epidemics” she tells us.

In her blog post “Bioterrorism and Epidemics: Knowing Homeopathy Can Help Make the World a Less Scary Place” she writes: “The symptoms of Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers resemble those of malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and viral hepatitis. In homeopathy, remedies are often chosen based on the symptom picture, so the remedies most often used for Ebola will be the same as for these other diseases.” She goes on to list six homeopathic remedies which she says should be given every hour “…but as the severity of the symptoms decrease, frequency is reduced. If no improvement is seen after 6 doses, a new remedy ought to be considered”.

Reading Joette’s post on April 1st, I thought this must surely be a joke. But it seems not.

I’ll leave you with another useful product (AKA should be an April Fool’s gag), for those who are feeling a little run down and worried your diet might be lacking these core ingredients. One tablet daily is all you need, apparently.

Hat/tip to @zeno001, @cammerschooner and @nccomfort on twitter for these gems.