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So just how did I get my name? Siouxsie Wiles Feb 04


“Where the fuck did the author of those Sciblogs posts get her absurd name?”

So writes ‘Alf Grumble’ on his blog today. Normally if people know how to pronounce my name, it tells me a little something of their misspent youth. Alf is obviously a model citizen. Because I am named after 70′s punk icon Siouxsie Sioux*. Which gives me the opportunity to play one of my favourite Siouxsie and the Banshees songs, Spellbound.

YouTube Preview Image

Siouxsie is pronounced just like Susie but I do get all sorts. Like when University of Otago’s Prof Kurt Krause called me Sushi when we were interviewed live on TV One’s former current affairs programme Close Up. It was hard not to giggle. A close friend used to pronounce it S-eye-ook-see. But that was just to wind me up.

But today is the first time I’m aware of that someone has taken to their blog to be rude about my name**.

Chief Sitting Bull circa 1885. Image from Wikipedia

I guess I should be flattered that Alf took the time to write so eloquently. He even went to the trouble of finding a video on You Tube explaining how to pronounce Sioux. I’m guessing that as well as not being a punk fan, he also hasn’t heard of one of the groups of people who originally inhabited North America. In which case, I think Alf’s post says far more about him than me.

*I wasn’t always. But over 20 years ago, I had a crush on someone who adored Siouxsie. He started spelling it that way and it stuck. I still carry a torch for him.

**I do wonder if he would have written the post had I not been white?

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