Of the writing of blogs there is no end.  So why another? Because I can and because the world needs $100 Dialysis.  $100 Dialysis is a vision.  I try and articulate this in the first blog post.  Expect other blogs on the topic.

I also write because as a publicly funded scientist I believe I have a responsibility to be public about what I do.  At some stage I shall try and share (in lay language) just what I do to justify my existence — my bit of the exploration project called science.  For those who want a sneak preview you can find links to most of my papers on google citations.

I also aim to blog on some other science and political issues, particularly concerning medicine and health.  One of my interests is in the motivations of scientists and I hope to persuade some colleagues to articulate what motivates them to dedicate their lives to science.    I confess to having a peripheral involvement in politics having twice ingloriously stood for parliament (not that I want to be in parliament, just I have this annoying habit of thinking it better to be in the glass house gardening than outside throwing stones and by standing for parliament I could get to do a bit of tilling of the soil). I shall, therefore, attempt to do my little bit to keep politicians of all stripes on the straight and narrow of evidence based policy.  As to what might else appear…let there be mystery.

For the record:

Dr John W Pickering, BSc(Hons), PhD (Canterbury; Physics), BA(Hons) (Gloucestershire; Theology)
Senior Research Fellow
Christchurch Kidney Research Group
Department of Medicine
University of Otago Christchurch
New Zealand

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