And it’s not just a cheerful greeting, either.


Rather, it’s an encouragement for our blogs’ readers to step forward, say hi, and introduce themselves. Started, well, multiple times in various ways, the most recent instance thereof is superhero science blogger** Ed Yong resurrecting his own meme.  ‘Cause you can do that when you’re kickass.

Anyway, since then the clarion call has been picked up by the legendary Carl Zimmer, fellow Research Blogging Awards 2010 finalist gg (whose tweeted weird science facts, under the name drdryskull, are always illuminating), and fellow Sciblogs denizen Grant Jacobs.  And there are more joining at every nanosecond.

Little wonder, then, that I felt the urge to join in.

Also, it is something in which I’m genuinely interested.  Not only so I can say ‘O hai’, but also because having a market research background means one always wants to know these sorts of things.

Questions you could answer might include:

  • Your background
  • What you do for a living
  • What you do for fun
  • Other favourite blogs
  • How on earth you found me, given my position on the arse end of the world
  • Any constructive criticisms you might have (nonconstructive criticisms will be met with a witheringly ambivalent ‘meh’)
  • The percentage towards which you feel you’ve reached the full potential of your superpowers.  Feel free to elaborate
  • And, of course, anything else you’d like to witter on about/share.  ‘Cause blogging’s supposed to be, y’know, interactive

Please, prove wrong my assumption that I’m going to be hearing the crickets chirping…


* And no, I don’t feel dirty for joining in on a meme.  Not at all.  So there.

OOH, also, Carl Zimmer conducted a pretty cool science reader survey earlier this year.  Commentary/results here.