Greetings, readers all


I have become too busy, and my blogging's fallen over (but very temporarily)

Yes, I am alive.  No, I have not forgotten my duty to you all to produce entertaining and informative content.  However, I am at this point stupidly busy, and thus have fallen a little behind.

Amusingly, the gravity well around my to-write-about list has now acquired the ability to levitate small objects around it. Objects thus far include a pot of geraniums*, a surprised-looking goldfish and, for some reason, my coffeepot.  Which it won’t give up, no matter how emphatic my attempts to wrest it therefrom.  Possibly the accelerations I’m using aren’t high enough.  Maybe it just likes the ghosts of caffeine past.

However, be assured that science continues, and fascinatingly so.  And I shall be writing about it again the near future.

In the meantime, and as an idea, does anyone have something that they’d like explained to them in more detail?  Sort of an ‘I’ve always wondered about…’ kinda thing?


* Anyone get the reference?