I think we can all agree that NASA is pretty awesome*.

nasa logo

Additionally to their being involved in brilliant things like shuttles (well…), space stations, rockets, telescopes and other goodness, their engagement with the public (viz. other earthlings) is not bad at all.  They have a website, photo galleries to make one weep, a youtube channel, a twitter stream**, and so on and so forth.

But what they don’t have, at least according to one Reid Gower, is the ability to communicate their hopes and dreams in a way which allows the public to relate to them.  Something at which, to be frank, an…unfortunately large number… of non-private organisations are pretty awful.

And this is important, because it’s the public’s goodwill which is a critical influence on the extent to which NASA is funded.  Clearly that goodwill ain’t there as much as it used to be, because NASA has seen a seriously serious amount of budget cuts recently.

So, our young hero decided to do something about this.  He’s produced, on his own initiative, The Sagan Series (Part 5 out tomorrow) – an incredible set of 3 minute clips, for NASA.  Watch them.  I dare you not to weep***.

First video is embedded below – you’ll easily find the rest (of which I think number 3 is particularly powerful).

YouTube Preview Image

And support our man Reid.  He’s on twitter and facebook, too.  He’s a powerful example of what ordinary people can do with passion, internet access and some basic editing skills.

In other ‘I want to cry I’m so moved’ moments, please, please do watch Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos‘ if you’ve not already.  I’m firmly of the opinion that it should be mandatory watching for all school pupils.  _Before_ they decide whether or not they want to take science and science-related subjects.


* If you can’t, please do step forward so we can explain :)

** Also, check out astronaut Soichi Noguchi‘s awesome stream (he’s a Japanese astronaut, and pretty involved with the ISS)

*** And want to _immediately_ build**** rockets/spaceships so that you might explore our universe

**** Or fund those who can.  Such as, I dunno, NASA…