I admit it, I’m a sucker for future scenarios.

No, not necessarily because I think they’re accurate (or expect them to be!), but because they can exercise the mind wonderfully, reveal much about our present.  The best science-fiction is like this, too :)

And yes, sometimes, they can absolutely be useful in preparing for the future.

And it is with this in mind that I present the latest offering from MindBullets, founded by compatriot Wolfgang Grulke and his think tank FutureWorld. More on the presentation and its themes is available on their website.

What do you think?  With which scenarios do you agree/disagree?

I get emails from MindBullets every week, and can thoroughly recommend it – nope, I don’t always agree with the futurecasting, but sometimes, it’s pretty feasible.  And, again, a great exercise :)

Actually, there’s a thought – how interested would y’all be in my sharing more of these nuggets?


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