Are the Media Reporting or Creating the News? Michael Edmonds Sep 22

I ask this question after the post-election reporting that I have seen over the last couple of days, including that in the general media and on TV programmes The Nation and Q+A. Consider the following examples: This morning I heard one radio commentator suggest today would be “Coup 2″, that is that David Cunliffe would [...]

Will Vote Compass Affect Voting Behaviour And Electioneering Michael Edmonds Aug 27

Last week I worked my way through Vote Compass, the final result being that my interests closely matched those of the Labour party. Before doing this exercise, I was tossing up between whether I would be voting for Labour or the Greens. So even though the description of Vote Compass claims it will not influence [...]

Science is More Creative than Arts Michael Edmonds Aug 27

“Science is more Creative than Arts” This was the proposition of the debate that I took part in today as part of CPIT’s Research Month. As you might have guessed I was a member of the affirmative team. It was an interesting experience and very popular – the room we used was filled to capacity. [...]

Breakfast TV Touting Pseudoscientific Adrenal Fatigue Michael Edmonds Aug 11

This morning on the Breakfast show on TV1 there was a piece on “adrenal fatigue” and how more and more people are displaying symptoms. The moment I heard the vagueness of this term, I had to wonder if it was a real medical term or pseudoscience. Minutes later another pseudoscience red flag went up when [...]

Gluten Free & Pseudoscience Michael Edmonds Aug 10

There is little doubt that some people have an intolerance to gluten and that a gluten free diet is an appropriate way to address this. However, the gluten free diet is also associated with pseudoscience in terms of what it can achieve and how it is diagnosed. Take, for example, the recent news that tennis [...]

Lego Research Institute Now Out Michael Edmonds Aug 10

Last year Sciblogs Siouxsie Wiles pointed out in an open letter to Lego that they could do a better job with regards to overcoming gender stereotyping. It appears that Siouxsie’s suggestion coincided with other similar complaints and that Lego have now done something towards that – excitingly in the area of science by producing an [...]

Family First on “Supporting” Transgender Students in Schools Michael Edmonds Aug 05

I used to think that it was the irrational arguments of religious conservative groups that bugged me the most, but on watching this clip from Breakfast television I find it is the lack of empathy for those that do not fit into their little box of “normal” that is even more irritating. The clip is in [...]

Taking an Experimental Approach to Weight Loss Michael Edmonds Aug 03

I need to lose some weight. The was the conclusion I came to on a Friday night just over a week ago when my bathroom scales told me I weighed 92.2 kg, which according to a BMI calculation for my height and weight puts me into the “overweight” category. Not the best place for someone [...]

Let’s Talk Politics Michael Edmonds Jul 23

Well it is less than two months until the next general election in New Zealand and I must admit I feel more unsure than ever about who I will vote for. Traditionally I have tended to vote Labour because they have always seemed to have a good social conscience while avoiding what I used to [...]

New Campaign to Boost Engineering Numbers at Polytechnics Michael Edmonds Jul 23

Yesterday, an new initiative to encourage enrolments into engineering qualifications at polytechnics was launched by Steven Joyce, a move welcomed across the polytechnic and industry sectors. Graduates of the three year Bachelor of Engineering Technology and the two year New Zealand Diploma of Engineering are in demand in industry – according to the National Engineering [...]

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