A “Formula” to Account for Resistance to Scientific Consensus Michael Edmonds Apr 14

In some areas of science there is very little resistance to the scientific consensus. Very few people will challenge the consensus that water flows downhill because of gravity or that objects are different colours because they absorb/reflect different wavelengths of light. However in other areas of science, for example – climate change, alternative health treatments, [...]

How the Medical Profession Supports Alternative Medicine Michael Edmonds Mar 29

One of the things we often hear from proponents of alternative medicine is that they like alternative practitioners because of their holistic approach – and some of the bloggers here have previously countered by saying that medical practitioners do the same. For example, I feel that my GP takes a holistic approach to my health [...]

From the Mouth of Food Babe Michael Edmonds Mar 26

Food Babe, aka Vani Hari, has developed quite a following on her blog where she provides advice on healthy living. Some of the advice can be quite good, however, it can also include incorrect information often creates unnecessary chemophobia. A recent article for magazine The Cut provided some good examples of how good advice can [...]

What Management can learn from Good Teaching Practice – the Flipped Classroom Michael Edmonds Mar 21

Over the past few years I’ve come to really appreciate the concept of the “flipped classroom”, whereby students are provided access to the content of a course outside of class time, and class time is used for students to engage in more active learning, applying the content. There are many ways to do this – [...]

A More Inclusive Approach to Education Michael Edmonds Jan 30

The Chief Executive of Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (and my bosses boss) gave a talk at TEDx in Christchurch last year describing a more inclusive and broader approach to education. I think she makes some good points; having taught in the polytechnic sector for 15 years now I have found my concept of successful [...]

The Nerdist, Danica McKellar and Promoting Maths Michael Edmonds Jan 28

This morning on Sky TV’s science fiction channel I caught an episode of a show called The Nerdist, which covers topics which I guess are a bit nerdy. On the show this morning there was an interview with Danica McKellar. Probably best known for her role as Winnie Cooper in the Wonder years, she is [...]

A Humble Email re MMS Michael Edmonds Jan 25

Yesterday I received an email which appears to be from “Archbishop” Jim Humble, creator of MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. For those who aren’t familiar with MMS it is an alternative health product made by mixing a bleach solution with a weak acid to generate traces of chlorine dioxide. A website selling this product works [...]

Chemical Properties Personified – An Amusing Video Michael Edmonds Jan 13

Although this clip is apparently 6 years old, I hadn’t seen it before today when someone put it on Facebook.

The Evolution of Medicines Michael Edmonds Jan 13

Next Wednesday evening, the 21st of January at 7 pm, I will be giving a public talk in Christchurch on the “Evolution of Medicines – from Farmer to Pharma”. This will be the first lecture in 2015 for our local Skeptics in the Pub group. The history and evolution of medicines has always fascinated me. [...]

The Poisoner’s Handbook on Youtube Michael Edmonds Jan 07

A couple of weeks ago I came across a TV version of The Poisoner’s Handbook on Sky TV’s History channel. The Poisoner’s Handbook is an excellent book which both Grant and I have previously reviewed (see here and here). It provides a fascinating insight into the development of forensic science in the early 20th century. [...]

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