I’ve just been alerted to a new and frightening piece of antivaxxer propaganda that has been produced in the guise of a children’s book (see here and here for other comments).

“Melanie’s Marvelous Measles” by Stephanie Messenger is promoted as a ” book (which) takes children aged 4 – 10 years on a journey of discovering about the ineffectiveness of vaccinations, while teaching them to embrace childhood disease, heal if they get a disease, and build their immune systems naturally.”

“Embrace childhood disease” is a phrase that frightens me. It completely ignores the fact that so-called “childhood diseases” cause distress and potentially permanent damage in innocent and vulnerable children. And the very idea of indoctrinating children as young as 4 into a mode of unscientific and anti-scientific thinking appalls me . I have to wonder what Ms Messenger’s next literary effort might be. Perhaps, “Polio Polly and her Iron Lung” or “The Wonders of Whooping Cough”?

With new outbreaks of measles occurring around the world, including in New Zealand this type of glorification of childhood disease needs to be challenged, loudly and vigorously.