I see that a new advertisement in support of gay maariage will now be playing on TV.

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After the disappointing rejection of gay marriage by Australian politicians, it looks like New Zealanders in support of gay marraige want to make sure the same does not occur here.

There was a very revealing segment discussing this new advertisement of Breakfast TV this morning with psychologist Nigel Latta speaking in support of marriage equality and Bob McCoskrie of Family First New Zealand speaking against it (see here). I was so impressed with Nigel Latta, who faced with the completely irrational arguments of McCoskrie, calmly and assertively pointed out the flaws in his argument. When McCoskrie started to use the old “it all depends on which “research” you believe” type of argument, Latta shut him down brilliantly with a response I think we all need to be aware of, as this type of argument that you can legitimately select the science you want to support your political position is increasingly being used by everyone from the PM down.