Well I guess it is time to bid you all adieu, it’s been nice knowing you all. At least that is the message I am getting from the History, Discovery and National Geographic TV channels as they play various programmes about the impending apocalypse. So far I have seen programmes about Nostradamus and his dire predictions for 2012, and how the world might end due to planet killing asteroids, plagues, neutron stars and all manner of ways of having humanity dispatched from this planet. Strangely enough no mention was made of a death star (after all what is good enough for Alderaan surely is good enough for Earth?)

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There is something a little disturbing about scientists (and I use that term loosely) gleefully talking about ways humanity might meet its demise. Not quite as disturbing, however, as the historical scholars (and I use that term even more loosely) who discuss Nostradamus’s prophecies and the Mayan calendar. I should be amazed at how cleverly these scholars have interpreted the very cryptic and vague lines of Nostradamus or the calendar’s of the Mayan people, however, when it comes to bias you tend to get what you look for.

Of course they also throw in various factoids to support often dubious reasoning – for example did you know that Einstein often read about alchemy? Of course I really enjoy Greek mythology but I’m not planning on visiting Greece to look for the the Minotaur or the golden fleece.

Of course, if one dodgy line of reasoning is good, more is better. Nostradamus “prophecies” are weaved in with the Masons, alchemy, astrology and the Mayan calendar.

Still, if the world does end on Friday/Saturday at least I won’t have to see this type of fluff playing out on supposed history and science channels.

See you all on Sunday ;-)