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Are children natural scientists?

Michael Edmonds Apr 28, 2016

Earlier in the week I attended the New Zealand Association of Scientists conference in Wellington. The theme of the conference was “The Future for Scientists in New Zealand”. It was a very interesting conference with a diverse range of thoughtful and thought-provoking talks. During the conference the idea that young children are natural scientists was mentioned several times – an … Read More


Should degrees be taught mainly by research active staff?

Michael Edmonds Mar 28, 2016

Should degrees be taught mainly by research active staff?* is one of the many questions being asked in the “New models of tertiary education” issues paper released for comment in February of this year. Looking at the various regulations currently embedded in New Zealand there appears to an assumption that degrees benefit from being taught by research active … Read More

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Exploring the Blended/Distance Delivery Landscape – A Learners’ Perspective

Michael Edmonds Mar 26, 2016

One of the things I love about the summer break is that it gives me time to learn new things. Normally this means working my way through as many books as I can read before I have to go back to work (when my time for recreational reading evaporates). In summer 2015/2016 I decided to direct my learning in a … Read More

Skeptics Conference 2015 – Should I become a vegan?

Michael Edmonds Nov 23, 2015

Over the weekend (20-22nd November I attended (and MC’d) the 2015 NZ Skeptics Conference in Christchurch. The theme of the conference was Apocalypse How? with many of the speakers talking about ways the world/humankind might end. Some talked about fictional/fantastical ways we might meet our demise while others provided scenarios much more possible. Given the topics and the great line up of speakers, … Read More

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Social media’s dark side

Michael Edmonds Nov 08, 2015

Social media has become an integral part of many peoples lives and provide many benefits – wider access to information, an introduction  to those with similar interests, and exposure to new ideas. However, it also has a dark side which can be seen in the vicious and cruel comments which appear on Twitter as well as platforms such as Facebook and … Read More

A "Formula" to Account for Resistance to Scientific Consensus

Michael Edmonds Apr 14, 2015

In some areas of science there is very little resistance to the scientific consensus. Very few people will challenge the consensus that water flows downhill because of gravity or that objects are different colours because they absorb/reflect different wavelengths of light. However in other areas of science, for example – climate change, alternative health treatments, immunisation the corresponding consensus in … Read More


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