While browsing at the bookshop today I came across the self styled New Zealand “Journal” of Natural Medicine, one of the most concentrated examples of quackery promotion that I have ever seen.

Articles include:

Eczema and the Homeopathic “Direction of Cure”

The End of Antibiotics and the rise of Iodine as an effective Alternative

DNA can be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

Electrohypersensitivity – a New Environmental Impairment

A Simple Way to Neutralise Fluorides

Colloidal Silver: Cure for MRSA

And a special section on Vaccines!


I haven’t been able to do more than skim a few of the articles but I’m seeing the usual poor thinking skills common amongst supporters of alternative therapies – use of dodgy reference sources, misquoting genuine science studies, misusing scientific terminology, anecdotes, confusion between correlation and causation, and of course, attacks on mainstream science.

The letters page includes a contribution from a reader who revealed that, now that his mercury fillings have been removed he is thinking more clearly, is buzzing with energy and his clairvoyance has returned.

Worse than the articles are the advertisements for homeopaths, electro pollution testing, electromagnetic shielding products and colour therapy, to name but a few.

The scary thing is that this is issue 8 so there are 7 prior issues of concentrated quackery promotion.