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How microbeads in your bodywash could be helping chemicals enter the foodchain

Michelle Dickinson Sep 06, 2016

In 1976 chemical engineer John Ugelstad invented a technique on earth that other scientists believed could only be carried out in the weightless conditions of space. His discovery enabled the mass production of monodisperse spheres, tiny microscopic spherical plastic beads. The beads were typically 0.5 to 500 micrometres in diameter, about the width of 1 to 5 strands of human … Read More

The science behind Rio’s green Olympic pool

Michelle Dickinson Aug 15, 2016

The green swimming pool has been one of the big mysteries of this year’s Rio Olympics. Why would one pool turn murky and green when the adjacent pool was still clear and blue? The first official line from Olympic officials was that after extensive tests, they had finally pinpointed the reason to be a chemical imbalance caused by too many … Read More

Data shows women led companies are better!

Michelle Dickinson Aug 05, 2015

How’s that for a conversation starting headline? Those who know my passion for diversity would expect a headline like that from me, but it actually stems from a report released this week by First round capital, a venture capital firm which provides seed funding to startups. After analysing 10 years of data covering 300 companies […] … Read More

Global Impact Visas – why a technology rich New Zealand ecosystem needs them

Michelle Dickinson Jul 26, 2015

“One hundred inspired New Zealand entrepreneurs can turn this country around.”  Sir Paul Callaghan Those words led me to being in a really unexpected place this morning, listening to the Prime Minister give his speech at the National Party’s annual conference. I was there specifically to hear his announcement on something I’m passionate about and have recently […] … Read More

IBM reveals a 7nm chip! Why this is awesome news!

Michelle Dickinson Jul 15, 2015

Moore’s Law, which states that a semiconductors’ computing power will double every two years is going to survive for a few more years thanks to the creation of a new 7nm chip! Thanks to a research team led by IBM, Global Foundries, Samsung Electronics and SUNY a new prototype chip was just announced which is […] … Read More

Pretty or smart? Why do girls have to choose?

Michelle Dickinson Jul 15, 2015

I have two lives, one as a privileged academic with a job that surrounds me with smart, interesting people and a lab which enables me to create, discover and question. The other, as Nanogirl, a female in a lab coat who visits schools inspiring curious minds while trying to understand why so few girls want […] … Read More


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