The Mind of the Science Denier Ken Perrott Aug 18

Over recent months I have been following, and learning more about, the issues of fluoridation and the Ukrainian civil war. One is a scientific issue (at least in most of the debate), the other political. Yet in the social media … Continue reading

Open letter to Jane Nielson – a “fluoridation convert.” Ken Perrott Aug 13

Hi Jane, I read your article in the Sonoma County Gazette which was republished at Paul Connett’s Fluoride Alert website – Fluoridation convert. A scientist explains what changed her mind. You briefly described scientific studies which you claim convinced you to take … Continue reading

Accidental Renaissance – or intuition? Ken Perrott Aug 11

Saw this photo on the Guardian – see Accidental Renaissance: the photos that look like Italian paintings. The author says: “Currently doing the rounds on Twitter is the image below, taken from Facebook by artist James Harvey, whose tweet has been shared … Continue reading

Tactics for science denial Ken Perrott Aug 06

Natural News comes out with a load of heavy metal rubbish on flouride Ken Perrott Aug 03

The web site “Natural News” is a prime source of information for alternative and “natural” health enthusiasts. It promotes a lot of misinformation on fluoridation and is often cited by anti-fluoridation propagandists. So – no surprise to see a recent campaign … Continue reading

July ’14 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking Ken Perrott Aug 01

 Image Credit: Learn Blog Tips There are now over 300 blogs on the list, although I am weeding out those which are no longer active or have removed public access to sitemeters. (Let me know if I weed out yours by mistake, … Continue reading

Declan Waugh continues his distortion of Finnish fluoride research Ken Perrott Jul 31

In my last post (Another fluoridation whopper from Declan Waugh) I described how Declan Waugh (a self-professed “scientist and fluoride researcher”) badly misrepresented data from a Finnish study which had concluded the prevalence of ailments attributed to fluoridation were “likely connected … Continue reading

Another fluoridation whopper from Declan Waugh Ken Perrott Jul 29

Declan Waugh is a self-proclaimed “scientist and fluoride researcher” who seems to spend all his time misrepresenting and distorting  scientific literature and health data to promote his anti-fluoride cause. Waugh has an avid following, among fellow anti-fluoride activists and propagandists. The … Continue reading

I am still waiting for my cheque Ken Perrott Jul 27

I have often said I wonder how some of the anti-science propagandists sleep straight in their beds at night. Lately this refers to various members of the local anti-fluoridation movement and their claims. Pity I am not the litigious sort – there … Continue reading

An answer to the anti-fluoride critics – in one image Ken Perrott Jul 24

Click image to enlarge.  The chemical website Compound Interest, is producing a series of infograms to communicate some chemistry.  Here is an excellent one they produced on fluoride. I think it would make a great poster. It is accompanied by … Continue reading

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