Water fluoridation and dental fluorosis – debunking some myths Ken Perrott Nov 24

Dental fluorosis is really the only “negative” side effect of community water fluoridation (CWF). It occurs in non-fluoridated as well as fluoridated areas but is often a little more common in the fluoridated areas. However, there is a lot of … Continue reading

Proving anecdotes are reliable Ken Perrott Nov 20

Here’s one to go with Let’s rely on anecdotes instead! Something I picked up on Facebook Similar articles  

Declan Waugh pushes another anti-fluoride myth Ken Perrott Nov 18

Declan Waugh seems a bit of a late developer. He has only just got around  to finding those papers that anti-fluoride propagandists like to cite as evidence that oral health does not decline when community water fluoridation is stopped. Of … Continue reading

Severe dental fluorosis the real cause of IQ deficits? Ken Perrott Nov 16

A new study finds cognitive function defects, like IQ, in children are not significantly related to fluoride in drinking water. But they are associated with medium and severe dental fluorosis. This interests me for two reasons: The report is by Choi and Grandjean … Continue reading

Catch 22 in Ukraine Ken Perrott Nov 13

MH17 recovery team finally start work at crash site. Credit:  RIA Novosti. Alexey Kudenko The Dutch team investigating the MH17 Malaysian Airline crash in eastern Ukraine report it has problems collecting debris from the crash site in eastern Ukraine. But aren’t … Continue reading

Let’s rely on anecdotes instead! Ken Perrott Nov 11

Image credit: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. This satirical piece from The Shovel highlights an unfortunate way many politicians (mainly US and Australian)  and internet propagandists approach scientific matters – relying on anecdotes and not evidence. It is also true of … Continue reading

Open Parachute 2014-11-10 08:08:29 Ken Perrott Nov 10

Perhaps a little humility is required.

Standing up to junk science in New Zealand Ken Perrott Nov 09

Last week we saw several local victories for science over pseudoscience. And the US mid-term elections also gave electoral victories supporting community water fluoridation in 5 out of 6 communities where it was voted on.* Peter Griffin from New Zealand’s Science … Continue reading

Declan Waugh claims it’s “clear as day” Ken Perrott Nov 06

Declan Waugh is an anti-fluoride propagandist who specialises in naively distorting scientific and medical information to “prove” community water fluoridation (CWF) is dangerous. A common tactic of his is to select, really cherry-pick, medical data to show the mortality or disease … Continue reading

Unusual photo of Moon and Earth. Ken Perrott Nov 04

Here’s a photo of the earth you don’t often see. Nor is the view of the moon familiar. The Chinese test vehicle Change’5 took this photo as it swung around the moon before returning to earth.  So we see the unfamiliar far side … Continue reading

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