Declan Waugh continues his distortion of Finnish fluoride research Ken Perrott Jul 31

In my last post (Another fluoridation whopper from Declan Waugh) I described how Declan Waugh (a self-professed “scientist and fluoride researcher”) badly misrepresented data from a Finnish study which had concluded the prevalence of ailments attributed to fluoridation were “likely connected … Continue reading

Another fluoridation whopper from Declan Waugh Ken Perrott Jul 29

Declan Waugh is a self-proclaimed “scientist and fluoride researcher” who seems to spend all his time misrepresenting and distorting  scientific literature and health data to promote his anti-fluoride cause. Waugh has an avid following, among fellow anti-fluoride activists and propagandists. The … Continue reading

I am still waiting for my cheque Ken Perrott Jul 27

I have often said I wonder how some of the anti-science propagandists sleep straight in their beds at night. Lately this refers to various members of the local anti-fluoridation movement and their claims. Pity I am not the litigious sort – there … Continue reading

An answer to the anti-fluoride critics – in one image Ken Perrott Jul 24

Click image to enlarge.  The chemical website Compound Interest, is producing a series of infograms to communicate some chemistry.  Here is an excellent one they produced on fluoride. I think it would make a great poster. It is accompanied by some straightforward text describing the science behind fluoridation and countering a lot of the misinformation … … Continue reading

Some answers to the confusion about the #MH17 crash site Ken Perrott Jul 21

Given my comments yesterday (see Making political capital out of the deaths of innocents) I thought it worth sharing this video. It is of a press conference in Donetsk given by  Alexander Borodai, one of the leaders of the anti-Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine. Its about 30 minutes long, including the extensive Q&A. Video quality is not the best … … Continue reading

Informed parents know water fluoridation is good for their children Ken Perrott Jul 21

Paul Connett is at it again. His latest project is aimed at manipulating the natural concern parents have for their children. He is using crude fear-mongering in the hope of getting parents to come out against community water fluoridation (CWF) – a social health policy known to be both effective and safe (see Calling All Parents). … … Continue reading

Making political capital out of the deaths of innocents Ken Perrott Jul 20

Abby Martin’s Statement on Downed Malaysian Plane & State Sponsored Militias  I have been absolutely disgusted with the contradictory information coming out about the crash of the Malaysian airline in Eastern Ukraine. And with the way politicians have used it to advance their specific agendas. Seems to me that making political capital out of such a … … Continue reading

Elected officials must ignore activists and listen to own voters Ken Perrott Jul 18

A recent US blog article made some very pertinent points about the role of elected officials, such a local body councillors, on important social health issues like fluoridation.  These officials have a responsibilty to avoid pressure from misinfomred activists and must instead  listen to their constituents. Karen Williams Seel, who wrote the article Fluoridation: Elected officials … … Continue reading

The irony of some peer-review and citation complaints Ken Perrott Jul 15

Anti-fluoridation propagandists and other promoters of pseudoscience have a sort of “love-hate” attitude towards science and the scientific literature. On the one hand they love to cite scientific papers they claim support their message. Very often the citation is completely unwarranted, misrepresents the paper or even distorts the findings reported. Declan Waugh stands out as … … Continue reading

Ken Ring pontificates on climate change Ken Perrott Jul 13

Ken Ring runs a business predicting the weather. Apparently in that sort of business, and with the clients he has, conflict with evidence-based science and scientists is good for business. So,  it isn’t not surprising to find him trolling the internet debating issues from weather and climate change to earthquakes. But his contribution to a recent debate on … … Continue reading

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