Don’t expect to see chemical safety data sheets in restaurants Ken Perrott May 21

I keep coming across this very naive form of chemophobic scare-mongering – the use of safety data sheets to frighten consumers about trace chemicals in their environment, food and drink. Here is an example anti-fluoridation propagandists continually use – safety data … Continue reading

Being open-minded Ken Perrott May 19

This meme is for those commenters here who accuse me of having a closed mind. I am always happy to change my opinion or view of things – if there is evidence to suggest I should. And no, claims that … Continue reading

RSNZ Science Book Prize winner – Tangata Whenua Ken Perrott May 17

Tangata Whenua: an Illustrated History won the Royal Society of NZ Science 2015 book prize. It is written by Atholl Anderson, the late Dame Judith Binney and Aroha Harris and published by Bridget Williams Books. The book charts the sweep of Māori … Continue reading

Don’t put all the blame on the Germans – a lesson from World War II Ken Perrott May 14

The recent commemorations of Victory Day in Europe – the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe – got me thinking about how we refer to Germany as the perpetrator of the horrors in that war. … Continue reading

The problem of “Fact-Resistant Humans” Ken Perrott May 14

OK, this is satire so don’t take it literally. But this article in The New Yorker makes a good point – Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans. MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report) – Scientists have discovered a powerful new … Continue reading

What a nice idea Ken Perrott May 12

Click to enlarge – Moscow Celebration of Victory day. Image Credit: NBC News The recent commemorations of ANZAC Day (in New Zealand), Victory day (Internationally) and Mothers’ day got me thinking about how we mark these events. Thinking spurred on by … Continue reading

Water fluoridation effective – new study Ken Perrott May 11

A recent Australian study shows community water fluoridation (CWF)  has a beneficial effect on oral health, even after taking into account the known effects of socioeconomic status and sugar consumption. This is important because anti-fluoride propagandists are always pushing the mistaken claim that CWF is based only on “old science” and that “the science establishment” … … Continue reading

Follow the money? Ken Perrott May 08

The distrust of science – a task for science communication Ken Perrott May 06

Michael Foley, a Senior Lecturer in Public health dentistry at The University of Queensland has an interesting  article in The Conversation* – ‘Holistic’ dentistry: more poppycock than panacea? He declares that “all dentists should be practicing holistic medicine.” After all, the World health Organisation’s definition of health (“a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and … … Continue reading

We always seem to ignore the causes Ken Perrott May 04

I thought this cartoon was very relevant – not only to the Baltimore situation but to many areas of conflict throughout the world. Take the situation in Ukraine. The media seems to only concentrate on problems of the ceasefire – violations and non-compliance with withdrawal of heavy arms. But the Minsk agreement covering the current … … Continue reading

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