July ’15 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking Ken Perrott Aug 01

Image credit: Rachel Knowles – Successful blogging workshop Big problems with Sitemeter The problems with SiteMeter are still bad  this month. No data could be obtained for about 50 blogs using SiteMeter. People have also reported strange results. So if you … Continue reading

The bureaucratic solution to a problem Ken Perrott Jul 30

Sometimes satire is very close to the truth. Take this piece from The Shovel – Liberal Party Commits To Having 50% Women In Seats Shown On Camera By 2025: Tony Abbott says his party is serious about the advancement of … Continue reading

Fluoridation: “Sciencey” sounding claims ruled unacceptable Ken Perrott Jul 29

Again and again I find myself getting really annoyed at the way science is used opportunistically in advertising. We are continually bombarded with claims that the effectiveness of a product is “scientifically proven.” Or that “scientists tell us” something which … Continue reading

Comparing the Cochrane and NZ Fluoridation Reviews Ken Perrott Jul 26

New Zealand policy makers and health professionals should be wary about much of the current media comments on the Cochrane Fluoridation Review (Iheozor-Ejiofor 2015). Anti-fluoridation campaigners are misrepresenting it and distorting its findings. They are using cherry-picked quotes to make claims … Continue reading

Rapid change in attitudes to marriage equality Ken Perrott Jul 23

Click the image to go to the video (unfortunately I can’t embed the video here). The video demonstrates “The Stunning 15-Year March to Marriage Equality Around the World.” And it certainly shows how rapid this change in community values has been. I suppose … Continue reading

Scaremongering and chemophobia Ken Perrott Jul 21

This poster/internet meme is making the rounds at the moment. A “true believer” asked for my comments on it as he seemed to think its arguments amounted to “gospel truth.” So here are some comments: “Natural” vs “man-made” They are comparing … Continue reading

MH17 tragedy: 1 year on Ken Perrott Jul 17

At the first anniversary of the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines MH17 the international community is none the wiser about who shot it down and the weapon used. But the one thing we do know is the blame game continues. The … Continue reading

Talk of “mini ice age” bunkum Ken Perrott Jul 16

Irresponsible and misleading reporting of scientific issues always annoys me. But I have been particularly annoyed with the recent headlines of the sort “Now it looks like we’re in for an ice-age.” Here reporters have taken it on themselves to … Continue reading

Progress in removing religious instruction from public schools? Ken Perrott Jul 13

Looks like we might be making a bit of progress in attempts to establish a genuine secular education system in New Zealand. There are reports that “secular education advocates have had a win in their fight against the Bible in … Continue reading

Fluoridation: Beliefs about safety and benefits Ken Perrott Jul 08

Most people in the US believe  community water fluoridation (CWF) is safe and beneficial. Mork & Griffin (2015) report these  findings from a 2009 health survey in a new paper: Mork, N., & Griffin, S. (2015). Perceived safety and benefit … Continue reading

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