The inverted ethics of doxxing? Ken Perrott Dec 18

Came across this word “doxxing” lately. According to Wikipedia it refers to “the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting personally identifiable information about an individual.” My introduction to this new word was in a discussion of the ethics of identifying … Continue reading

Fascinating and painless chemistry lessons Ken Perrott Dec 16

I had to select this video on the element rutherfordium because of the  New Zealand link of the scientist the element is named after. It’s an interesting short lesson on rutherfordium and there is more where it came from – … Continue reading

Did the Royal Society get it wrong about fluoridation? Ken Perrott Dec 14

Did the Royal Society of NZ and the Office of the NZ Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor make a big mistake in their report Health Effects of Water Fluoridation: a Review of the Scientific Evidence)? Did they misrepresent a scientific paper which … Continue reading

“Do your own research!” Ken Perrott Dec 11

How many times have I had discussion partners on the internet say to me “Do your own research?” Inevitably they are pushing some pseudoscientific or anti-scientific conspiracy theory – yet claiming science is their friend! Here, one of the members of Paul Connett’s Fluoride Action Network team ( Carol Kopf, Media Director who uses the Twitter … … Continue reading

Dirty politics over MH17? Ken Perrott Dec 10

I have followed events in Ukraine for a year now and learned very early on never to be surprised. There have been so many seemingly outrageous things happen. On the one hand this has kept the Ukrainian events in the news. On the other it probably serves as a warning. There is just so much … … Continue reading

Cherry-picking and misinformation in Stan Litras’s anti-fluoride article Ken Perrott Dec 08

This is the second article in a series critiquing contributions to the Fluoride Free NZ report “Scientific and Critical Analysis of the 2014 New Zealand Fluoridation Report.” My first article Peer review of an anti-fluoride “peer review”  discussed Kathleen Theissen’s contribution. (It also discussed a draft contribution by Chris Neurath which does not appear in the final version). I will shortly post … … Continue reading

Today’s fantasy, tomorrow’s possibility Ken Perrott Dec 04

If you haven’t watch it yet this video, Wanderers,  is a must. And it is well worth watching full screen. It’s a science-inspired short film imagining human exploration of our solar system. The voice-over is very recognisable – Carl Sagan reading from Pale Blue Dot. This is what Phil Plait said about the film: “This is one … … Continue reading

The farce of a “sciency” anti-fluoride report Ken Perrott Dec 03

Click for a larger image I came up with the image above after a quick glance at a “report” promoted by the local Fluoride Free groups and Paul Connett’s Fluoride Alert organisation. (Scientific and Critical Analysis of the 2014 New Zealand Fluoridation Report). It illustrates the incestuous network of authors and “peer reviewers” involved in … … Continue reading

November ’14 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking Ken Perrott Dec 01

Image Credit: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PAGEVIEWS & VISITOR PLEASE NOTE: Sitemeter is still playing up but far fewer blogs are effected. It was still impossible to get the stats for a the blogs that I list below. Maybe more bloggers will shift to StatCounter or other counter. No stats could be found for these blogs: Works in progress This … … Continue reading

Creationist ‘audits’ science museum Ken Perrott Nov 27

Imagine you are 10 years old and your crazy aunt is taking you out for a treat. A crazy aunt can be fun. Problem is this aunt is also a creationist and she is taking you to the local natural history museum. Well it never happened to me (not that I didn’t have a crazy aunt) but I … … Continue reading

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