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Korean community water fluoridation supported by new evidence

Ken Perrott Apr 28, 2016

New scientific evidence for the effectiveness of community water fluoridation (CWF) is appearing all the time. So that is hardly news – but I just thought it worth mentioning this latest example from Korea because I get told again and again that there is no evidence to show CWF is effective in improving oral health. This latest Korean study was reported … Read More

A challenge to anti-fluoridationers to justify their misrepresentation of New Zealand research

Ken Perrott Apr 15, 2016

 One of the frustrations I have with the fluoridation issue is the refusal of anti-fluoride activists to engage on the science. They will pontificate, but they won’t engage in discussion. On the surface, one would think there is a difference of opinion or interpretation of scientific issues and that could be resolved by discussion. Yet local anti-fluoride campaigners refuse to … Read More


Fluoridation decisions to be made by District Health Boards

Ken Perrott Apr 12, 2016

 Responsibility for water fluoridation is to move from local councils to district health boards, the health minister Jonathan Coleman has revealed. This has been on the cards for a while. In recent years ideologically and commercially motivated activists have played havoc with the consultations organised by local body councils. Councils have shown by their own actions they are not capable … Read More

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Anti-fluoridation cherry-pickers at it again

Ken Perrott Apr 05, 2016

Anti-fluoride campaigners seem to be a sixes and sevens on whether community water fluoridation (CWF) is effective or not. Some will accept CWF is effective in improving oral health but moan about the ethics or reports of harm. Others will simply claim CWF is not effective. Stan Litras is a Wellington dentist and anti-fluoride campaigner in the latter camp. Read More

March ’16 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

Ken Perrott Apr 01, 2016

There are about 300 blogs on the list, although I am weeding out those which are no longer active or have removed public access to sitemeters. (Let me know if I weed out yours by mistake or get your stats wrong). Every month I get queries from people wanting their own blog included. I encourage and am happy to respond to queries … Read More

Chemistry is everywhere – even in those natural products

Ken Perrott Mar 24, 2016

 Here’s a thought – what if natural products came with a list of ingredients in the same way processed food does? James Kennedy, an Australian chemistry teacher, has put together some images to illustrate what this would be like. And the article What if natural products came with a list of ingredients? reproduces the detailed infographics which show even the … Read More

The toxicity of chemophobia

Ken Perrott Mar 21, 2016

Chemophobia is rampant on the internet. It seems to range from a reasonable concern over the potential adverse effects of synthetic chemicals to an irrational fear of these substances because of misconceptions about their potential for harm. Often it is accompanied by a complete misunderstanding of risk and an unrealistic understanding of the role of concentration in toxicity. The Soapbox … Read More

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Hiding behind “experts”

Ken Perrott Mar 13, 2016

I am not for one minute suggesting we not put any trust in “experts.” But how often do public figures use experts like a drunk uses a lamppost – more for support than illumination! This is surely the case with Sen. Marco Rubio, a contender for the Republican nominee in the upcoming presidential elections when he referred to “experts” as the … Read More

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