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Many Syrians see Russians as saviours

Ken Perrott Oct 06, 2015

One gets the impression from our news media that those horrible Russians (or perhaps just the demon Putin) are unjustly bombing Syria, killing its citizens and causing all those refugees to flee to Europe. Of course, that is “too bad to be true” (or “too good to be true” from the point of view of the US and NATO soldiers … Read More

Door knockers should pay to interrupt us

Ken Perrott Oct 04, 2015

Found this on Facebook (Shit Aussies say). Really must get one for our front door. These god-botherers and salesperson seem to think that because you are retired you have all the time in the world. Don’t they realise that when your retire you stop living at work and start working at life. And that is a full-time job. Read More

September ’15 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

Ken Perrott Oct 01, 2015

Image credit: How to increase blog traffic for free There are about 300 blogs on the list, although I am weeding out those which are no longer active or have removed public access to sitemeters. (Let me know if I weed out yours by mistake or get your stats wrong). Every month I get queries from people wanting their own … Read More

Putin’s UN address: “Do you realise what you’ve done?”

Ken Perrott Sep 29, 2015

These two posts of speeches from the current UN General Assembly might provoke some discussion ( and I sincerely hope they do). They are the major speeches presented by US President Barak Obama and Russian federation President Vladimir Putin. I have posted them in the alphabetic order of their names – and, in fact, the order in … Read More

European and Māori major non-believers in NZ

Ken Perrott Sep 27, 2015

This was a bit of a surprise to me. The 2013 census data show that a similar proportion of the European and Māori ethnic groups declared themselves as having no religion in the 2013 census – 46.9 percent of European and 46.3 percent of Māori (see 2013 Census QuickStats about culture and identity). The graph below illustrates the proportion of non-religious for the … Read More


Cochrane responds to misrepresentation of their fluoridation review

Ken Perrott Sep 24, 2015

Image Credit: Cochrane Oral Health Blog The latest Cochrane Review on community water fluoridation (CWF) was published in June. Here are a citation and link for those interested: Iheozor-Ejiofor, Z., Worthington, HV., Walsh, T., O’Malley, L., Clarkson, JE., Macey, R., Alam, R., Tugwell, P., Welch, V., Glenny, A. (2015). Water fluoridation for the prevention … Read More

ChildSmile dental health – its pros and cons

Ken Perrott Sep 23, 2015

There is some local interest in the Scottish ChildSmile dental health programme. Partly because anti-fluoride campaigners are promoting it to local bodies as an alternative to community water fluoridation (CWF). Their interest is possibly due to the opt-in nature of the programme which they see as satisfying there demands for “freedom of choice” (in this case the choice … Read More

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