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Well, some of our local climate change denier bloggers have got it sussed! As a country we could solve all our problems. Just sack the scientists!

Now that would make all this talk about climate change and global warming go away, wouldn’t it?  And we would no longer have to worry about greenhouse gas emissions.

But who would do the science?

No problem – just hire a few school children (what are they learning in school anyway -they don’t need that reading/writing/maths/science rubbish).

This is the message currently being promoted by the local blogs Gotcha! (CLIMATEGATE — A better study than NIWA, by an 11 year old!) and Say Hello to my Little Friend* (Kid and his dad: 1, Global Warming: 0). They reproduce a video from What’s up with that?  (Picking out the UHI in climatic temperature records — so easy a 6th grader can do it!). Here an 11 year old demonstrates he can get rid of global warming. He’s discovered a few tricks those ignorant climate scientists just couldn’t see for looking (the effect of “urban warming”). He really exposed their stupidity.

This was also the attitude behind the “research paper” produced by thy NZ Climate science Coalition and Climate Discussion Group (who both deny global warming). Their great discoveries are described in New Zealand’s denier-gate. They certainly showed those idiot scientist at NIWA up, didn’t they?

While we are at it let’s get rid of some other expensive specialists – the brain surgeons, physicians, plumbers, builders, etc. Why should we be paying their high wages and financing their education when we can safely employ 11 year olds to do the jobs for us? Much cheaper.

What’s wrong with the government? Why should they employ experts for specialist advice.

Seriously, though. Isn’t it interesting that some people get  a hint of the complexity of an issue and automatically assume the experts are unaware of this. That they know better than the experts. Perhaps this is the arrogance that comes from ignorance.

The issue of climate change seems to bring out such attitudes. The possibility of urban growth contributing to climate warming is an old one, often resorted to by climate change deniers.

Climate scientists are well aware of the issues and use a variety of methods to eliminate effects of heat islands from their data. These can include population data and satellite observation of night-time light to identify data sets for removal. However, Thomas Peterson of the US National Climate Data Center has commented: “We need to update out understanding of urban heat islands. This phenomenon is more complex than widely believed by those not immersed in the field.”

Perhaps naive bloggers should ponder this comment before lauding the “research” of 11-year olds above that of more mature, and experienced, scientists.

No sensible government would take these bloggers’ advice.

*Weird because the next post from Say Hello to my Little friend was Lord Winston: New Zealand doesn’t value its intellectuals. This criticises anti-intellectual attitudes. But perhaps this blogger doesn’t see scientists as intellectuals?


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