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We should differentiate between those who are sceptical of current assessment in climate science and those who outright deny the science. There are sceptics and there are deniers.

It seems to me that a feature more or less common to deniers is conspiracy theory. This is probably inevitable. After all, if one is going to reject all the science and make charges of dishonesty against scientists, politicians and activists concerned about global warming you do need some sort of explanatory framework. It seems simpler to just put the whole thing down to a giant conspiracy, rather than bother dealing with the intricacies of the science, commerce and politics involved.

The global warming conspiracy theory

It’s always a give away to me when I hear questioners of climate science peddling myths about Al Gore, referring to people like him in derogatory tones, or supporting the arguments and promoting the videos put out by Lord Monckton – a well know conspiracy theorist. You have to be a denier to do this.

Here’s an extreme example of conspiracy theory being used to reject the findings of climate science. Produced by Jesse “The Body” Ventura who has been a special forces operative, motorcycle gang member, WWF wrestler and governor of Minnesota, and who now promotes himself as a seeker of the “truth” in a new TV show called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

So have a look at the video of his programme on global warming (Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura – Global Warming). It’s good for a laugh.

The sad thing though is that even some of our local deniers of climate change basically repeat some of this garbage. They, sadly, seem to be motivated by conspiracy theory.

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Thanks to Guardian article Climate change denial as done by a WWF wrestler … and June Sarpong


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