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Water fluoridation gets political

Ken Perrott Dec 08, 2016

The new community water fluoridation legislation is now on the way in the New Zealand parliament. The Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill was introduced on Tuesday and the parliamentary health committee has invited submissions. It’s worth watching the videos of the twelve speakers in the first reading. These give an idea of how the legislation will be received by the different political … Read More


Leader of flawed fluoridation study gets money for another go

Ken Perrott Nov 28, 2016

. Professor Christine Till has been given a $300,000 US National Institute of Health grant to test for harmful effects of fluoride. Malin and Till (2015) published research indicating a relationship between fluoridation and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, that study was flawed because it omitted important confounders. When these are included the relationship disappears. Professor Till … Read More


Why should we subsidise religious leaders and their silly statements?

Ken Perrott Nov 22, 2016

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki’s statement blaming the Kaikoura earthquake on “gays, sinners, and murderers” highlights the stupidity of our charity laws which define the advancement of religion a charitable activity and give tax exempt status to religions purely because they advance religion. Public revulsion at Tamaki’s statement resulted in an on-line petition calling for the removal of Tamaki’s tax exempt status. Currently, that … Read More


Warriors, scouts, Trump’s election and your news media

Ken Perrott Nov 17, 2016

The media, establishment figures, and seemingly many of Clinton’s supporters,  were surprised at Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections because they think like warriors instead of scouts. Julia Galef described these different thinking processes in the video below – which I posted 6 months ago (see Are you really right?). Last week’s US presidential election result, the public uproar … Read More

US elections – who should you be angry with?

Ken Perrott Nov 13, 2016

  I know – it is easy to blame others for an accident or a tragedy than it is to accept responsibility oneself. But I am amazed at the blame going around at the moment over the US presidential election result. Trump’s election is being blamed on racist Americans, red-necks, the uneducated “deplorables,” Republican voters, third party voters, etc. People … Read More


Anti-fluoride claims often not relevant to New Zealand

Ken Perrott Nov 07, 2016

As we head towards the parliamentary consideration of new legislation on fluoridation in New Zealand the anti-fluoride groups are building a campaign to oppose the transfer of responsibilities from local councils to District Health Boards. So, their Facebook pages are promoting myths that fluoridation is dangerous to health – and we expect this to intensify as parliament moves into its Health Committee … Read More

Fluoridation not associated with hip fracture, heart attacks or osteosarcoma – new study

Ken Perrott Oct 17, 2016

A new Swedish study confirms fluoride does not increase risks of hip fracture, myocardial infarction, or osteosarcoma. That’s the conclusion from a new Swedish study. And these conclusions agree with most findings from earlier studies. Peggy Näsman describes this new study in her PhD thesis: Epidemiological studies of fluoride exposure and hip fracture , myocardial infarction and osteosarcoma.(Näsman, P. (2016)) She used Swedish … Read More

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