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Iron and fluoride in human milk

Ken Perrott Jan 18, 2016

The other day I came across the article Why Is Breast Milk So Low in Iron? It’s a fairly brief but sensible article discussing the problem of  the risk of iron deficiency in breastfed babies written by a research scientist with a PhD in nutrition – Alice Callahan. She asks the question – Why would breast milk have evolved to be deficient in … Read More

Hubris of the google researcher

Ken Perrott Jan 14, 2016

Credit: It is not that easy from xkcd Saw this on The Complexity of Modern Science at the Physic Forum Websites. It really does illustrate problems with some of the commenters here who wish to throw away scientific consensus – or replace it with a pet or ideologically driven “theory” of their own. As the article … Read More

Cultural and ideological bias in scientific literature reviews

Ken Perrott Jan 12, 2016

  The scientific community is international but it is surely dominated, and influenced by, something less international – the overwhelming predominance of  the use of the English language. In the past when that dominance was less extreme scientists were more aware of the need to use non-English sources. Scientific degree courses often had a requirement for a degree of scientific fluency in … Read More

December ’15 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

Ken Perrott Jan 01, 2016

There are about 300 blogs on the list, although I am weeding out those which are no longer active or have removed public access to sitemeters. (Let me know if I weed out yours by mistake or get your stats wrong). Every month I get queries from people wanting their own blog included. I encourage and am … Read More

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