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Connett misrepresents the fluoride and IQ data yet again

Ken Perrott Aug 05, 2015

The video clip below shows how local body politicians can be fooled by people misrepresenting the science. The culprit (unsurprisingly for the fluoride issue) is Paul Connett, Executive Director of the anti-fluoride propagandist group Fluoride Action Network (FAN). He relies on his PhD to provide authority – and the fact that few people in his audiences have the time or … Read More

Fluoridation: Newsweek science journalism bottoms out

Ken Perrott Aug 03, 2015

One of the worst pieces of distortion and misrepresentation of the Cochrane Fluoridation Review is that written by an anti-fluoridation journalist Douglas Main in Newsweek – Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows. It has, of course, been heavily promoted by anti-fluoride activists. Dr Charles Payet*, a dentist from Charlotte, NC, USA, has debunked this Newsweek … Read More

Comparing the Cochrane and NZ Fluoridation Reviews

Ken Perrott Jul 26, 2015

New Zealand policy makers and health professionals should be wary about much of the current media comments on the Cochrane Fluoridation Review (Iheozor-Ejiofor 2015). Anti-fluoridation campaigners are misrepresenting it and distorting its findings. They are using cherry-picked quotes to make claims … Continue reading → … Read More

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