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The chemical party

Ken Perrott Sep 16, 2015

Just imagine teaching chemistry this way. I guess you would have to lay off the juice, though. Otherwise, there could be some impossible bonding – and student recall would be low. Thanks to: Sciencegasm shared Universitetet i Oslo (UiO)’s video. Similar articles … Read More

A job with a view – but not for the clumsy

Ken Perrott Sep 15, 2015

Here is a breathtaking GoPro video of a spacewalk by two Russian cosmonauts, Mikhail Korniyenko and the record-breaking Gennady Padalka, outside the International Space Station (ISS). (Padalka recently set a new record of 879 cumulative days spent in space.) It is certainly an exciting job – and what a view! But I’m amazed at all the fiddly stuff … Read More

Fluoridation: Freedom of choice – and responsibility

Ken Perrott Sep 14, 2015

Alia Grant, 7, collecting “fluoride-free” water from the Papaoeia Park tap in Palmerston North. Credit: Warwick Smith/ Fairfax NZ Apparently a source of “fluoride-free” water provided by the Palmerston North City Council since last May has seen little use. Despite the council providing the “fluoride-free” public tap at the request of campaigners, the data on its use shows an average … Read More

My talk to the Reason & Science Society – an invite

Ken Perrott Sep 13, 2015

Auckland readers are welcome to come along to a talk I am giving at Auckland University next Thursday. The Reason and Science Society (RSS) hosting the talk. It’s called “The Case for Community Water Fluoridation with Dr Ken Perrott”. Details are: Day: Thursday 17th SeptemberTime: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.Location: Room 206-315, Arts 1 building, University … Read More

Why the internet annoys chemists

Ken Perrott Sep 10, 2015

Here are some of chemists’ pet peeves about discussion on social media and the internet in general. The list is from the article  5 simple chemistry facts that everyone should understand before talking about science posted on the blog The Logic of Science. Everyone who has attempted to discuss issues like vaccination or fluoridation with opponents will have come across these … Read More

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Humanitarian intervention but when & how?

Ken Perrott Sep 07, 2015

People are demanding politicians do something about the current refugee crisis. They are demanding humanitarian intervention, a change in the normal rules and so that refugees can be settled safely. Politicians are dragging their feet – which is inhumane, considering the gravity of the situation. But I do have sympathy for the view, expressed by some politicians, that this sort … Read More

Discussing science on social media

Ken Perrott Sep 03, 2015

Some relevant memes I picked up on Facebook recently. How often do discussion partners adopt this approach?: Or when pushed for their “evidence” we have to respond with: Finally, a citation from their recommended “scientific” source – but: Then – the “nuclear” or Mutually Assured Destruction  (MAD) approach  – scientists can’t be trusted anyway: … Read More

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August ’15 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

Ken Perrott Sep 01, 2015

Problems with Sitemeter The problems with SiteMeter are still bad  this month. I gave some of the background to these problems in my post Time to give up on Sitemeter. If you wish to query the information in the table I suggest you check out the data in the SiteMeter pages. I think some bloggers have removed their Sitemeters. Read More

Australian census religion question – progress

Ken Perrott Aug 30, 2015

Looks like Australians have won another small victory in the way that their religiosity is officially assessed. In particular how census forms pose the religion question on census forms is posed.   I discussed the problems in my article Non religious in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian census form buried the “no religion” option – and may, therefore, … Read More

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