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Archive: Open Parachute July 2011

Australian census religion question – progress

Ken Perrott Aug 30, 2015

World Religions. Credit: Islam Beyond Borders Looks like Australians have won another small victory in the way that their religiosity is officially assessed. In particular how census forms pose the religion question on census forms is posed. I discussed the problems in my article Non religious in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian census form … Read More

In the end, it came down to the science in Denver

Ken Perrott Aug 27, 2015

Denver Board of Water Commissioners listen to information at the July 2015 fluoride information session. In my update to the post Subverting democratic consultation on the fluoride issue I reported that Denver Water has voted unanimously to continue community water fluoridation.  They have now produced a web article explaining their decision – see  The “why” behind our fluoride … Read More

Subverting democratic consultation on the fluoride issue

Ken Perrott Aug 26, 2015

Credit: Making Sense of Fluoirde Denver Water, which as Colorado’s largest water provider, has been reviewing its water fluoridation policy. It will announce its decision in the next few days but I found its description of the consultation process interesting. A spokeswoman for the board, Stacey Chesman said Denver Water had received nearly 1,200 comments, from as far away as … Read More


Religious instruction scrapped from school curriculum in Victoria

Ken Perrott Aug 24, 2015

Religious instruction scrapped from curriculum – what a great headline to see in the newspaper. Unfortunately, it is just for the Australian state of Victoria. But it could well happen here, considering the opposition to religious instruction in state schools we are seeing in New Zealand. Victorian schools are scrapping special religious instruction from class time to make … Read More

Alternative reality of anti-fluoride “science”

Ken Perrott Aug 20, 2015

Paul Connett made many unsupported claims in his presentation against community water fluoridation (CWF) to Denver Water. Here I debunk a claim where he rejects most scientific studies on the cost-effectiveness of CWF. Different grades of dental fluorosis Connett asserted two things in his presentation: Previous research showing the cost effectiveness of community water fluoridation (CWF) has … Read More

Fluoridation: Connett’s naive used of WHO data debunked

Ken Perrott Aug 12, 2015

Paul Connett is the Executive Director of the anti-fluoride propagandists group, the Fluoridation Action Network (FAN). His recent presentation to the Denver Water Board’s fluoridation forum was full of scientific misrepresentations and distortions. I debunked his claims on fluoridation and … Continue reading → … Read More

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