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Archive: Open Parachute August 2012

Science is never done – some scientific terms explained

Ken Perrott Nov 26, 2015

The above great video by It’s Okay To Be Smart explains words such as theory, hypothesis, fact and law in the way that scientists use them, not the way we use them in everyday speech. As the article at Sciencedump, You might think you know, but do you really? Important scientific words explained!, says: “I don’t know about … Read More

Studies show – or do they?

Ken Perrott Nov 23, 2015

This article from The Spud – Sentences that start with “studies show” usually followed by bullshit, study shows really resonates with me. I have had a gutsful of terms like “studies show” or “scientists have found,” etc. They are simply used to give authority to all sorts of claims – but authority requires the reader to do a … Read More

Should we trust science? – Wellington talk

Ken Perrott Nov 19, 2015

Naomi Oreskes is Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, and an internationally renowned geologist, science historian, and author. If you are in Wellington next Tuesday this should be an interesting talk. I would certainly be in the audience if I was able. Should we … Read More

Can world leaders learn from the Paris terror attacks?

Ken Perrott Nov 17, 2015

This photo of Presidents Obama and Putin in serious and intense discussion  at the current G20 meeting symbolises what could be a positive change in international politics. Perhaps the Friday 13th acts of terror in Paris precipitated this particular meeting – or perhaps it is a culmination of geopolitical changes since the 2014 G20 conference in Brisbane. Or … Read More

Anti-fluoride hypothyroidism paper slammed yet again

Ken Perrott Nov 15, 2015

Credit: Display of Statistical Data Anti-fluoride campaigners often cite a limited number of papers published in scientific journals as evidence for their claims that community water fluoridation (CWF) is harmful. They do this to give some sort of scientific credibility to their claims – but the citations are far from scientific as they are usually cherry-picked, … Read More

Thames voters decisively support fluoridation

Ken Perrott Nov 05, 2015

Voters in the Thames water supply area of service have resoundingly defeated attempts to stop fluoridation of their water supply. The Thames-Coromandel District Council has released the result of a referendum  which had been imposed on the town because of activities of anti-fluoridation campaigners. The results show a resounding defeat for these campaigners with 73% of voters supporting retention … Read More

Why doesn’t Putin shirtfront someone?

Ken Perrott Nov 02, 2015

A 10-month-old girl gazing at the planes in St. Petersburg airport before departing to Egypt – this picture has become the symbol of the plane crash in Sinai on social media. Image credit: Darina Gromova © Can’t help being provocative here. Surely if the Russian authorities want a clear answer to what caused the crash of the Airbus … Read More

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