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Wonders of Life coming – we hope

Posted By Ken Perrott On December 24, 2012 @ 2:30 pm In Science,Science and Society | No Comments

Readers of the New Zealand Listener will probably have read the recent interview with Professor Brian Cox (see Interview: Brian Cox [1]). It’s good to see such interviews down in this part of the world – just hope we get to see some of the science TV programmes Brian Cox is currently fronting. (He was a regular on TV7 which we have unfortunately lost this year)

Anyway – here’s hoping we will get to see his new programme Wonders of Life. Eric Idle has rewritten one of his best known songs for the programme – an evolutionary version of the “Galaxy Song” from the Monty Python film The Meaning of Life.

Here’s a promo for the programme which includes the song.

Wonders of Life Trailer – BBC Two [2]

Thanks to Why Evolution is True: Wonders of Life by Brian Cox – with added Eric Idle [3].

Coming up:

An article by Brian Cox and his collaborator Robin Ince* seems to have provoked some controversy in the UK. In particular, some science historians and sociologists have got on their high horses. I will discuss the issues in an upcoming post Historians and sociologists lecture scientists -  about science [4].

(Cox and Ince current produce a science comedy podcast for the BBC – The Infinite Monkey Cage [5]. Have a listen if you enjoy both science and comedy).


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