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What a pleasant surprise!

Ken Perrott Feb 08, 2016

I don’t normally notice the special images on Google’s search page but was pleasantly surprised this morning to see this one. It’s great to see some people are celebrating  Dmitri Mendeleev’s 182nd birthday. He was born February 8, 1834 , in the village of Verkhnie Aremzyani, near Tobolsk in Siberia. Mendeleev is considered the “father” … Read More

Censorship by demonisation

Ken Perrott Feb 04, 2016

I believe the demonisation of Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation, creates an obstacle to political understanding. This was obvious in the political rhetoric surrounding the shooting down of the Malaysian Flight MH17 over the Donbass region in Ukraine. But is it also obvious in the continuing rhetoric around the Ukrainian and Syrian civil wars. This  demonisation can end up being a form of … Read More

January ’16 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

Ken Perrott Feb 01, 2016

Image credit: 29-Point Blog Post Checklist: How to Seduce Your Readers to Buy There are about 300 blogs on the list, although I am weeding out those which are no longer active or have removed public access to sitemeters. (Let me know if I weed out yours by mistake or get your stats wrong). Every month I … Read More


Fluoridation: Whakatane District Council makes the Hamilton mistake

Ken Perrott Jan 31, 2016

Here we go again. The Whakatane District Council has ignored the results of their own referendum and decided to stop community water fluoridation (CWF). (see Council votes to stop fluoridation, and Whakatane mayor stands by fluoride decision).  This mirrors almost exactly the behaviour of the Hamilton City Council three years ago. But are the Whakatane councillors … Read More

New study finds community water fluoridation still cost effective

Ken Perrott Jan 28, 2016

A new report on the cost effectiveness of community water fluoridation (CWF) confirms it is still effective. The report is: Ran, T., & Chattopadhyay, S. K. (2016). Economic Evaluation of Community Water Fluoridation: A Community Guide Systematic Review. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. This study is a systematic review of the literature.  A total of 564 papers were … Read More

‘Crusade Against Multiple Regression Analysis’ – don’t throw baby out with bathwater

Ken Perrott Jan 27, 2016

Richard Nisbett is a professor of psychology and co-director of the Culture and Cognition Program at the University of Michigan. Edge has an interesting talk  about the problems of research relying on regression analyses (see The Crusade Against Multiple Regression Analysis).  Unfortunately, it has some important faults – not the least is his use of the term “multiple regression” when … Read More

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