Politics fascinates and frustrates me in equal measure. Ecology? – in unequal measure. I started Politecol Science to draw ecological science, and environmental policy and practise together in ways that are interesting to me. Writing helps me think.

Writing and thinking help me do the other parts of my job better. I am a researcher and teacher in biology, especially animal ecology and behaviour, and Director of the Centre for Biodiversity & Restoration Ecology (CBRE) at Victoria University. You can find CBRE and me on Facebook  and Twitter (@EcologyVictoria).

My PhD was on Kaimanawa feral horses and I went on to work with rhinoceros in Africa, hence the other blog that I contribute – Perissodactyla – which explores my interest in the ecology, behaviour and management of large, hooved, and planting-eating mammals with odd numbers of toes, but especially horses.

Back in Aotearoa, I head a project in search of a mammalian pheromone to control pest animals, especially rats and Australian brushtail possum. I run another project on the socio-psychological and ecological science of biodiversity in peopled landscapes.

I am fortunate to work for a university. It allows me to roam across disciplines, work independently and with others, and have fun with ideas – useful ideas nonetheless. It also affords me the privilege, indeed duty, to speak my mind on the debates of the day that ecological science might inform. The tax-payer pays my salary. They should benefit from my work.

I am currently on Research & Study Leave (sabbatical) and Visiting Scholar at Univ. California – Berkeley in the Department of Geography teaching and investigating human-animal relationships.

The views expressed in my weblog are my own.

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