Lab in a Box Genetics Otago Jun 16

Announcing the birth of Lab-in-a-Box. Now updated with new images!

Why GM mosquitos might be our best bet to stop insect-borne disease. Genetics Otago May 25

Oxitec’s GM mosquitos may be a very effective way to control insects that carry human disease

Genetically modified human embryos Genetics Otago May 07

The recent production of germline genetically modified human embryos raises ethical questions for us all.

How to make a Mammoth Genetics Otago Apr 19

Are we really close to resurrecting the Mammoth?

The value of seeing things. Genetics Otago Apr 13

Peter K. Dearden A month or so ago I got a pain. A nagging, annoying pain in what a doctor referred to as ‘the groinal area’. In a testicle to be precise. Now, as a possessor of a Y chromosome, I did what needed to be done, I ignored it. But it hurt. Now when [...]

Not so Bully for Brontosaurus Genetics Otago Apr 08

Brontosauri are back, or are they?

Science and Impact. Genetics Otago Apr 06

Measuring the impact of Science is hard and important, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater

Evolving a Whale-Shrimp Genetics Otago Mar 31

Our oceans were filled with amazing animals that tell us about the past and the way evolution works.

Inheriting a ghost chromosome. Genetics Otago Mar 11

The strange story of why your dad’s Y chromosome could affect your biology, even if you didn’t inherit it.

Dead Famous DNA Genetics Otago Feb 19

Dead famous DNA is ludicrous and misrepresents genetics.

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