Right…a way to crunch a business model from good research ideas Peter Kerr Jun 17

Here’s an interesting innovation move, one to be applauded. It’s Startup Weekend Science and Research, in Wellington at Creative HQ from Friday July 3 to Sunday 5. Interesting because its the first time a non-digital (as such) Startup Weekend event’s been … Continue reading

At last…an innovation accelerator aimed at physical products Peter Kerr Jun 11

Right, something you can get your teeth into…literally – Lightning Lab Manufacturing. So, instead of a 12 week accelerator to figure out how to take a digital idea out to the world, the same sort of programme but aimed at … Continue reading

Wider New Zealand missing out on knowing about our hot and cool Hi-Tech companies Peter Kerr May 28

One of the downsides of the implosion in traditional news media is that celebratory stories get little or no coverage. The general public, who in my experience love to hear of clever and innovative New Zealand companies therefore have only a minor … Continue reading

Is Startup Weekend missing a middle-aged trick? Peter Kerr May 12

As one of many simultaneous events taking place around the world, the Wellington Startup Weekend took place on April 10 – 12 at Creative HQ. Now one of the purposes of the weekend event is not necessarily to create new … Continue reading

Do Kiwis have a certain je ne sais quoi with regard to Startup Weekends – or is that wishful thinking? Peter Kerr May 05

Having been lucky enough to be around a couple of startup things in the past few weeks – I’ll take the opportunity to reflect. The first occasion was a Skype interview at Wellington’s Creative HQ with George Smith, the founder … Continue reading

OS//OS = OS Peter Kerr Apr 13

The OS//OS (Open Source//Open Society) conference has got itself a new definition – at least for the OS bit. OVER SOLD! What a great problem to have. But maybe the organisers had a cunning plan up their sleeve, because they’ve … Continue reading

Open for thinking, open for participation, open for collaboration Peter Kerr Apr 02

The name of the two day Wellington conference on Thursday and Friday 16/17 April says it all. Open Source//Open Society (OS//OS). As a digital immigrant who has, without sometimes knowing why, gone down he android path for my devices, I’m … Continue reading

Why a democratic open-source news and views site needs reinvention and why we should care Peter Kerr Feb 23

Scoop’s in the middle of an attempt to change its ownership and business structure from individual shareholders to community (to be designed). It has just launched a PledgeMe crowd funding bid. The metaphor that applies is not unlike the tragedy … Continue reading

A picture’s worth a thousand words…or not in our case Peter Kerr Dec 16

I’m a sucker for a good diagram – a picture’s worth a thousand words and all that jazz. So I thought I’d see what, if anything, came up in a search about New Zealand’s science and innovation system; diagram-wise. The … Continue reading

Bringing Biggs to the party an inspired move Peter Kerr Oct 29

The appointment of Peter Biggs as inaugural chairman of the new Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, is an inspired bargain. I briefly dealt with ‘Biggsy’ as he is commonly known, in a former life. My observation is that he’s great … Continue reading

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