Should you bother with venture capital funding…the numbers suggest no? Peter Kerr Aug 20

The scramble that many startups make to secure venture capital funding may be detrimental to the budding business’s health. In fact John Mullins, writing in Havard Business Review’s blogs, makes the point that the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs never … Continue reading

Is the future for our sheep their milk? Peter Kerr Jul 16

  Being the farm raised boy I am, I’m keen on the idea of clever new and profitable products from our ability to convert sunlight, soil and water into them. So, Blue River Dairy, the sheep milk products company which … Continue reading

Local, thinks global and quickly gets asked if it is for sale Peter Kerr Jul 02

  Many Kiwis struggle to appreciate the size of the global internet market, and how to tap into it says John-Daniel Trask. The co-founder of Wellington-based Mindscape (“We build fantastic tools for developers”) recently spoke at the NZ Entrepreneur Club. … Continue reading

A buried treat in WordPress’s Terms of Service Peter Kerr Jun 26

It’s in keeping with the spirit of WordPress that its Terms of Service are simple, freely available to be repurposed by others, and, the tiniest bit quirky. WordPress co-founder, and part owner of its tech-tools parent Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, pointed … Continue reading

Branding’s dark arts leans to build, measure, learn Peter Kerr Jun 18

The dark arts of branding received an illumination when Brant Cooper spoke to a packed house at Wellington’s Lightning Lab. The ‘Lean Entrepreneur’ co-author from San Diego popped in on invitation on his way to Australia, and talked about how … Continue reading

In the rush to all things digital, are we missing a biological trick? Peter Kerr Jun 12

New Zealand is missing a trick when it comes to the startup weekend, incubator, accelerator programme ecosystem that’s got lots of attention lately. And sure, I can appreciate how the digital side of things is extremely quick at developing and … Continue reading

Lightning Lab II grows up – will its offspring make it to adolescence? Peter Kerr Jun 03

  Anyone that’s been around young children will appreciate there’s a heck of a difference between a one year old and a two year old. A similar comparison is valid with Lightning Lab II, which last week had nine of … Continue reading

To business plan or startup plan? That is the question Peter Kerr May 20

Just at the time I have no clue what to write, up turns this blog, It’s well worth repeating. I’ve written about Nicolai Thomson and LendYour, a startup ” to be the place people come to rent”. Here’s his very well written observations on … Continue reading

Capitalising on virtual and reality Peter Kerr May 13

Who would’ve thought that the term Holographic Virtual Reality (TM) was still there to be taken by 8i? Equally (except we’re sort of now used to it), who would’ve thought four non-New Zealanders, who together form 8I, and who now … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial success means starting at the end Peter Kerr May 07

Start at the end and work backwards. This was the ultimate, underlying piece of advice from Laura Humphreys, who has started and successfully exited two businesses in Wellington, and now among other things is relaunching herself as a business author … Continue reading

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