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Does open source equal open society?

Peter Kerr Aug 08, 2016

Every party needs a grumpy uncle…so let me be that curmudgeonly guy for the upcoming Open Source//Open Society conference. (Early spoiler alert – I’m going to some of OS//OS. There’s too many thought provoking speakers, too much opportunity to touch base with clever people not to) The second such OS//OS event is talking (was originally a typo, but it … Read More


Fishing for a complementary use of fire reservoir ponds

Peter Kerr Jan 28, 2016

Years ago for a farm management report at Lincoln University, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek plan around the integration of goldfish in troughs on dairy farms (we’d spotted the use of such technology to help keep the troughs clean). Koura (native freshwater crayfish). Picture by J Clayton, NIWA Well here’s a huge expansion on this idea, … Read More

‘We don’t have enough developers’ – a homebaked remedy

Peter Kerr Nov 23, 2015

There’s more than one way to bake the cake of “we don’t have enough developers”. Universities produce some, polytechs some others. Many are self-taught. Enspiral in Wellington through its Dev Academy has a fulltime nine week course that turns non-coders into people with digital development skills, ready for employment, open to much more learning. Industry Connect in Auckland has taken … Read More

“If you don’t love your idea, don’t do it”

Peter Kerr Nov 11, 2015

If you don’t love your idea, don’t do it. As well as this point, tech entrepreneur Nick Gerritsen, speaking at Supercharge, a recent startup event that attracted 150+ in Wellington, said that it is possible to smash it big from Aotearoa. Not that it is easy to do it from here, or from anywhere – given that well over … Read More

Hats off to the ‘inventor’ of the combined IT, hi-tech and biotech sectors

Peter Kerr Nov 04, 2015

Finance Minister Bill English, speaking at the Wellington launch of the 11thTIN100 report, gave Greg Shanahan and his team what amounts to a pretty nice endorsement. “You effectively invented this sector,” English said at the Thursday 29 October gathering at NZX’s relatively new presentation space. Which, as we’ve all come to habitually expect each October, is a reminder … Read More

Startups need to be a ‘little bit evil’

Peter Kerr Oct 13, 2015

One of the big problems with startups is they’re not ‘evil’ enough. Now there’s a statement bound to make you go ‘huh’. “You need to be a little bit evil,” says Alistair Croll a speaker at Supercharge. Supercharge was a startup oriented third day on October 7 of a Lean Startup Conference at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre. The … Read More

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