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TOSP Episode 9: November 7th 2011 aimee whitcroft Nov 07

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Greetings, dear listeners!

This week, aimee was joined once again by Chelfyn Baxter, co-host of the g33k show, to talk through some of the science stories of the last week.  They included using lasers to rip the universe a new one, Boeing building spacecraft, the weight of the internet, alternate living, radiation-cleaning Aussie nanofibres, asteroids, and some very interesting Sciblogs articles.

We apologise (once again, sigh) for the slight oddness in the sound on this one.  We’re using a new venue, and it’s coming with surprises!  As always, please do feel free to comment/contact us – feedback helps us improve :)


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A Laser to Give the Universe a Hernia?

Boeing to Build Commercial Spacecraft at Kennedy, Create 550 Jobs

How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

Search for Elusive Higgs Boson Particle on Hold Until 2012

Alternate ending: Living on without telomerase

Aussie scientists develop radioactivity-trapping nanofibers

NASA in Final Preparations for Nov. 8 Asteroid Flyby



The Self Preservation of Grass

Answer simple question — win an iPad

visualising a curriculum




Other interesting things

Our galaxy’s gas hides a mystery substance that’s soaking up light

Mysterious absorption lines could illuminate 90-year puzzle

Cosmic Log – Reality check for starships


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TOSP Episode 8: October 31st 2011 aimee whitcroft Oct 31

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Featuring something ever so slightly different this week.

Elf, as previously mentioned, is away for a couple of weeks (somewhere in the Pacific, possibly)? So aimee invited friend, and the g33k show co-host Chelfyn Baxter onto the podcast.

This week, we covered the very real possibility of a functional malarial vaccine, carbon nanotube-containing silicon which could function like skin, a secret society’s opthalmic obsession (and how we know about it), Youtube Channels, the story of an octopus, the tree of life, Science Ink (tattoos), the Retake the Net barcamp, and open access.


Also, apologies for the sound recording! New venue and all…

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Malaria scientist celebrates success after 24 years

Nanotube springs make skin-like sensor

Modern Algorithms Crack 18th Century Secret Code

YouTube Unveils Original Content Channels in Challenge to TV

Inside the mind of the octopus

The Timescale of Life

Science Tattoo Emporium

Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed

Retake the Net



Open Access Week — 2011 — from Open Science Summit

Royal Society ‘aged’ back catalog free, permanently




Other interesting things

1142 – Faraway Eris is Pluto’s Twin

Helping the heart with a dose of python (no, not the programming language)

Discovery: Cosmic Dust Contains Organic Matter from Stars

Space pilot: ‘You miss the shots you don’t take’

Short Sharp Science: Exploding balloons of milk frozen in high-speed photos

A 3D Optical Metamaterial Made by Self-Assembly

Fabrication of Left-Handed Metal Microcoil from Spiral Vessel of Vascular Plant

The James Webb Telescope Will See Earth-Like Worlds


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TOSP Episode 7: October 25th 2011 aimee whitcroft Oct 25

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Featuring (very) bright sparks, biomimicry and flight, Dance Your PhD, NASA inventions, carbon nano-onions, Iceland’s renewable internet, spider silk, zoned-out rats, forecasting with Twitter, autistic facial characteristics, a new superconductivity, the geek book list, Tell Us A Story 2011 winners, and the economics of milk.

Also featuring some Interesting Things, including a comment on a paper showing how cats lap water…

Elf and aimee had fun this week.  _Extra_ fun, give that Elf is away for the next two podcasts (*sniff*). However, we have Chelfyn Baxter of the g33k show to fill in for him!


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Brightsparks competition – voting open!

Bio-Inspired Bug Evolves

Check out the winners of this year’s Dance Your PhD Competition

Curiosity “10 NASA Inventions You Might Use Every Day”

Carbon Nano-onions for Imaging the Life Cycle of Drosophila Melanogaster

Can Iceland’s Renewables Power the Web?

Nanoconfinement of Spider Silk Fibrils Begets Superior Strength, Extensibility, and Toughness

Zoned-out rats may give clue to consciousness

Spies to use Twitter as crystal ball

Autistic facial characteristics identified

Physicists Unveil New Kind of Superconductivity



What books do you think geeks should read?

Just So Storytelling — Tell Us a Story 2011 Winners

Milk milk everywhere but not a drop to drink




Other interesting things

Evolution of a new enzyme for carbon disulphide conversion by an acidothermophilic archaeon

Comment on ‘How Cats Lap: Water Uptake by Felis catus’


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TOSP Episode 6: October 17th 2011 aimee whitcroft Oct 17


Featuring yetis, flashing bacteria, space!, brownian motion twists, That’s What She Said, better traffic control (hint: drive slower), nanotech _helping_ cell growth, wired petri dishes, vaccination, whale fall, NZ’s freshwater, and various fabulous eventry!

This week, aimee and Elf could happily have talked for hours, and managed not to.  We are proud :)

Don’t forget to check out ‘other interesting things’ in the link list below, too.  There’s some seriously tasty stuff :)


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Siberia home to yeti, bigfoot enthusiasts insist

Quorum sensing makes flashing bacteria blink together

ISS Now Has Live Access to the Internet

Students plot experiments for YouTube Space Lab

Journey to the Exoplanets iPad app (warning!  For some unfathomable and angry-making reason, this app is not yet available in the NZ store…)

New twist on Brownian motion seen for the first time

[Subject] Could Eat [Object] All Day. That’s What She Said.

Rolling speed harmonization: How Colorado fights congestion on I-70.

Reactive Oxygen Species Driven Angiogenesis by Inorganic Nanorods

Wired Petri Dish Gives Real-Time Updates



IAS Complaint Part 1: Thimerosal in Your Vaccine?

IAS Complaint Part 2: Gardasil Horrors — Horrific Reasoning

IAS Complaint Part 3: Vaccine ingredients — Not so bad really

IAS Complaint Part 4: Anti-Vaccine Impact in New Zealand

Peter Gluckman is introducing a blog

Monkey quotes

Whale Fall (after life of a whale)

Public perceptions of NZ’s freshwater environment



nerd nite special edition: Tell Us A Story

NZIP Conference (that’s ‘Institute of Physics’, not “intellectual Property’ :P)

Say No to Fossil Fools: Panel on expansion of fossil fuel extraction

Forest & Bird: Horizons on the Manawatu

Influenza: Wellington’s Other Battle From Historical Influenza Remedies to the Latest Surveillance Strategies with Mass Spectrometry (more details on calendar)

Climate change, population growth and water intensity: scenarios and pathways for shaping Wellington’s water future

Talking about sex at school: conversation and sexual development.


Other interesting things

Ribald Tales of Entomology Limerick Contest: Honorable Mention #2

The Planet Will House 10 Billion People, and We Can Feed Them All

Core/Sheath Organic Nanocable Constructed with a Master—Slave Molecular Pair for Optically Switched Memories

The Search for a More Perfect Kilogram

Atoms-to-microns model for small solute transport through sticky nanochannels

Antigen-Fixed Leukocytes Tolerize Th2 Responses in Mouse Models of Allergy

A Buff New Twist on Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles

The origin and evolution of word order

Ball Camera Captures 360° Panoramas When Tossed into the Air

Design of a Perfect Black Absorber at Visible Frequencies Using Plasmonic Metamaterials


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