If you bought a paper this morning, particularly the Herald, you’ll have bene greated with front-page stories detailing a list of 49 foods that obese people should avoid.

In fact, we should probably all avoid them, but University of Otago researchers who put the list together, are targeting people who are overweight or obese and suggesting foods they can swap out these so-called NEEDN’T foods for.

We held a press conference with the researchers yesterday, which you can listen to here.

So how many of us are overweight or obese? We’ve an infographic for you with the answers. We put this together based on extensive data that emerged just before the General Election last year, but which was sort of buried in Rugby World Cup hype and election build-up. See below as well – how the media adapted the graphic to accompany today’s story on the NEEDNT foods.obesity infographic

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