1. Hydrology
2. Ecology
3. Water quality
4. Geomorphology
5. Management and policy
6. Miscellaneous

1. Hydrology

How much water does NZ have? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 8 June 2011
Introducing Waterscape. Ross Woods, NIWA, 13 June 2011
Rain mainly in the plains? Not so much. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 17 June 2011
Kaitaia’s Awanui River in a changing climate. Daniel Collins NIWA, 22 June, 2011
Plants in the water cycle. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 30 June 2011
Nature at your service. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 13 July 2011
New Zealand’s next top model. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 20 July 2011
Crowd-sourcing for snow depth data. Ross Woods, NIWA, 28 July 2011
Land of the big white snow. Ross Woods, NIWA, 16 August 2011
Snow doesn’t stop hydrologists. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 22 August 2011
On ‘Ever Wondered?’ this week: New Zealand’s water resources. Daniel Collins, 13 September 2011
How much water does New Zealand have again? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 6 October 2011
Measuring snow and rain with a crashed spaceship. Tim Kerr, NIWA, 25 October 2011
The low down on groundwater. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 10 November 2011
The importance of groundwater. Tiejun Wang, NIWA, 14 November 2011
Long-term fluctuations in river flow conditions linked to the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation. Ross Woods, NIWA, 17 November.
Sea level fall and floods due to massive evaporation. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 21 November 2011
Recent NZ research from climate change to tussock | Journal of Hydrology (NZ): 50(2). Daniel Collins, NIWA, 24 November.
Where does NZ take its water from? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 28 November 2011
More on climatic shifts and river flows. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 2 December 2011
Where to get information on NZ hydrology. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 8 December 2011
Edmond Halley, an underappreciated hydrologist. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 9 January 2012
Rainfall recharge to groundwater. Paul White, GNS Science, 17 January 2012
Kinky relationships among Canterbury’s springs. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 23 January 2012
Canterbury Lysimeter Network: Measuring the hydrologic inputs to aquifers. MS Srinivasan, NIWA, 30 January.
Citizen science: How deep is the snow at your place? Daniel Collins and Ross Woods, NIWA, 6 June 2012
How deep was Wednesday’s snowfall? The people weigh in. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 8 June 2012
Predicting river flows in ungauged catchments, from New Zealand to the world. Ross Woods, 13 July 2012
The big hydrological OE in New Zealand. Jasper Hoeve, University of Twente, 10 August 2012
The rise and fall of the Heathcote River. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 17 August 2012
Map: Projected effects of climate change on New Zealand freshwaters. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 27 November 2012
What makes wetlands wet lands? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 4 February 2013
A tale of two storms. Martin Doyle, Tasman District Council, 10 May, 2013.
NIWA’s Citizen Snow Project: How deep is the snow at your place? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 20 June 2013.
Calling for Christchurch flood photos. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 7 March 2014.
Citizen scientists help map Christchurch flooding. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 16 June 2014.

2. Ecology

Phreatogammarus fragilis: The fragile well shrimp. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 6 December 2012
What causes didymo blooms (“rock snot”) in NZ rivers? Cathy Kilroy, NIWA, 19 December 2012
Discovering the unique fauna of alpine streams. Richard Storey, NIWA, 22 January 2013
The state of Canterbury’s coastal wetland vegetation. Philip Grove, Canterbury Regional Council, 29 January 2013
World Wetlands Day at Lake Serpentine, site for proposed National Wetlands Centre. Shonagh Lindsay, National Wetland Trust, 30 January 2013
Why measure carbon budgets in NZ peat wetlands? Dave Campbell, University of Waikato, 31 January 2013
Ramsar wetlands in NZ: Why are they important and where are we going? Hugh Robertson, Department of Conservation, 5 February 2013
Progress in restoring wetlands in New Zealand. Bev Clarkson, Landcare Research, 7 February 2013
Rhombosolea retiaria: The freshwater flounder. Amber McEwan, 30 May 2013.
No water no problem for mudfish. Amber McEwan, 10 June 2013.
A heavy load to carry for native kōura. Amber McEwan, 19 July 2013.
Whitebait: more than meets the eye. Amber McEwan, 15 August 2013.
Conservation and management of New Zealand whitebait species. Jane Goodman, Department of Conservation, 29 August 2013.
The colourful redfin bully. Amber McEwan, 6 January 2014.
A helping hand for migrating fish. Paul Franklin, NIWA, and Sjaan Bowie, Department of Conservation, 23 May 2014.
New Zealand’s native freshwater fish are becoming increasingly threatened. Jane Goodman, Department of Conservation, 6 June 2014.

3. Water quality

Map: Projected effects of climate change on New Zealand freshwaters. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 27 November 2012
The use of dicyandiamide (DCD) to control nitrogen pollution in NZ. Bob Wilcock, NIWA, 25 January 2013
Unintended effect of DCD on dairy farms: Nitrification blocked in downstream freshwater ecosystems. Marc Schallenberg, University of Otago, 28 February 2013
Un-muddying the Waters: Series on NZ water quality. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 14 October 2013.
A primer on water quality. Clive Howard-Williams, NIWA, 16 October 2013.
An overview of the water quality in New Zealand rivers. Rob Davies-Colley, NIWA, 18 October 2013.
Pipes, ponds and beyond: Measuring and managing urban stormwater quality. Jonathan Moores and Jenni Gadd, NIWA, 21 October 2013.
Bugs in the system: How do we make sense of recreational water quality? Gary Bedford, Taranaki Regional Council, 23 October 2013.
Effects of water quality on freshwater fish. David Rowe, NIWA, 29 October 2013.
Water quality – What about the fish and the anglers? Neil Deans, Fish and Game NZ, 31 October 2013.
Estuaries on the receiving end of catchment runoff. Judi Hewitt, NIWA, 6 November 2013.
Proposed national bottom lines for water quality. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 8 November 2013.
Why freshwater management needs to include estuaries? Malcolm Green, NIWA, 11 November 2013.
Managing nitrogen in the Lake Taupo catchment. Bill Vant and Jon Palmer, Waikato Regional Council, 13 November 2013.
Monitoring the diversity of NZ groundwater quality. Magali Moreau, Chris Daughney and Zara Rawlinson, GNS Science, 18 November 2013.
Science and policy merge in water plan. Paul Reynolds, Ministry for the Environment, 20 November 2013.
Overcoming obstacles to setting water quality limits. Ned Norton, NIWA/Environment Canterbury, and Helen Rouse, NIWA, 22 November 2013.
Nuisance periphyton – too much of a good thing. John Quinn, NIWA, 25 November 2013.
Nitrate in Canterbury groundwater. Carl Hanson, Environment Canterbury, 27 November 2013.
Emerging organic contaminants: A threat to New Zealand freshwaters? Sally Gaw, University of Canterbury, 29 November 2013.
Water quality models – are they good enough for management? Sandy Elliott, NIWA, 2 Decmber 2013.
Estuary water quality for ecosystem health and recreation, Christchurch. Lesley Bolton-Ritchie, Canterbury Regional Council, 4 December 2013.
How does agriculture affect New Zealand’s water quality? Bob Wilcock, NIWA, 5 December 2013.
Vague expectations get vague results: Freshwaters need targets. Mike Scarsbrook, DairyNZ, 9 December 2013.
Understanding groundwater quality – why it’s not easy. Chris Daughney and Magali Moreau, GNS Science, 11 December 2013.
Impacts of climate change on water quality. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 16 December 2013.
How much dairying is too much in terms of water quality? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 17 December 2013.
Better water quality won’t happen overnight … but it must happen. Jenny Webster-Brown, Canterbury and Lincoln Universities, 18 December 2013.
Water quality series: What do you think? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 19 December 2013.
Un-muddying the waters: Series conclusion Daniel Collins, NIWA, 20 December, 2013.
LAWA’s new environmental monitoring website clears up water quality data. Maree Clark, Horizons Regional Council, and Kati Doehring, Cawthron Institute, 8 April 2014.

4. Geomorphology

Map: Projected effects of climate change on New Zealand freshwaters. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 27 November 2012
Using models to understand and protect our braided rivers. Murray Hicks, NIWA, 23 June 2014.

5. Management and policy

Public perceptions of NZ’s freshwater management. Daniel Collins, 16 October 2011
How much water do we use? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 21 October 2011
Water storage is not a panacea. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 7 November, 2011
Water footprints – what do they mean for us in New Zealand? Sarah McLaren, Massey University, 12 December 2011
The hydro-illogical cycle. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 6 March 2012
Canterbury water use. James Tricker, Environment Canterbury, 10 April 2012
How much water does it take to produce one litre of milk? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 24 May 2012
Canterbury does not have 70% of New Zealand’s freshwater, it has 12%. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 29 October
Water allocation and limit-setting in a changing climate. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 20 November 2012
Map: Projected effects of climate change on New Zealand freshwaters. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 27 November 2012
Water governance in New Zealand: An introduction. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 1 March 2013
Personal reflections on the Land and Water Forum. Hugh Canard, Lincoln Agritech Ltd, 4 March 2013.
Water governance – we’re getting into overdraft. Andrew Fenemor, Landcare Research, 6 March 2013.
The Department of Conservation’s role in water governance. Rosemary Miller, Department of Conservation, 8 March 2013.
Government releases freshwater reform proposals. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 9 March 2013.
The role of science and science communication in setting environmental limits. Ned Norton and Helen Rouse, NIWA and Environment Canterbury, 11 March 2013.
Water governance and the RMA. Steve Couper, Water NZ, 13 March 2013.
Who owns water? Māori or the Crown? Jacinta Ruru, Otago University, 15 March 2013.
The legitimate use of science in managing water. Ian MacKenzie, Federated Farmers, 18 March 2013.
The National Parks of our waterways: Do they have any future under proposed Government reforms? Neil Deans, Fish and Game NZ, 20 March 2013.
Managing our freshwater resources in a changing climate. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 22 March 2013.
Trust, as much as science, is at the heart of water management. Chris Arbuckle, Aspiring Environmental, 25 March 2013.
Evolution of water governance models in New Zealand. Bryan Jenkins, Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, Canterbury and Lincoln Universities.
The evolution of freshwater management under the RMA. Nicola de Wit, Environmental Defence Society, 28 March 2013.
Thinking about water in Auckland. Roger Bannister, Auckland Council, 2 April 2013.
Collaborative water management delivers local solutions in north Canterbury. David Eder and Ian Whitehouse, Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee and Environment Canterbury, 4 April 2013.
Water governance in New Zealand: A conclusion. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 8 April 2013.
How to drought-proof New Zealand as droughts get worse. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 3 May 2013.
The value and values of water. Suzie Greenhalgh, Landcare Research, Jim Sinner and Natasha Berkett, Cawthron Institute, 19 May 2014.

6. Miscellaneous

Why Waiology? Daniel Collins, NIWA, 2 June 2011
Public perceptions of NZ’s freshwater environment. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 14 October 2011
On the philosophy of modelling. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 27 October 2011
As seen on TV. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 1 November 2011
Te Radar wades into water. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 3 November, 2011
Hydrologists to flood into Wellington for annual conference. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 1 December 2011
‘Twas the post before Christmas: 2011 in review. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 19 December
Clutha River/Mata-Au re-imagined as a public transport system. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 3 April 2012
Waiology moving from water cycle to freshwater sciences. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 26 November 2012
2012 in review. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 21 December 2012
Two weeks of blogging for World Wetlands Day. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 28 January 2013
From “swamps” to “wetlands”: The transformation of wetlands as both conceptual and physical landscapes. Catherine Knight, Massey University, 28 January 2013
Happy World Wetlands Day! Daniel Collins, NIWA, 2 February 2013
Wetlands series wrap-up. Daniel Collins, NIWA, 8 February 2013
Happy World Water Day! Daniel Collins, NIWA, 22 March 2013
There’s more to whitebaiting than catching fish. Julia Bradshaw, Hokitika Museum, 2 September 2013.
Happy holidays from Waiology! Daniel Collins, NIWA, 23 December 2013.
World Water Day, 22 March. Daniel Collins, 21 March 2014.

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