Who are we collaborating with?

By Shaun Hendy 30/07/2010

Our talented intern from MIT has produced another tag cloud.  This time she has taken a look at who we collaborated with in 2008 based on our co-publication preferences in the ISI database.   The resulting map is shown below:

citycity08 copy

It’s clear we like working with Australians.  Those in Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch prefer to work with Sydneysiders, while those of us in Wellington prefer Victorians.  Hamiltonians have more exotic tastes with a clear preference for Californians.  And although Dunedin is often said to be the Edinburgh of the South, our southern scientists show a strong preference for London.

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  • I love it! I guess the same questions and answers as last time apply. But this is still cool.

    If you could automate the collection of data for these images it would be possible to sell this kind of thing to, for example, Mendeley or Springer…

    Just saying…