Dr Roger Hanson, author of book The Cosmic Engine, has a 1st Class Honours BSc degree in chemical engineering from Manchester University and a PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge University. His PhD thesis was on improving engine efficiency, specifically the contributions of solid body rotation and of shear flows on the combustion of lean burn engines. His supervisors at Cambridge were Professor Sir William Hawthorne and Dr Alun Thomas of Shell Research, Thornton UK.

Whilst at Manchester University Dr Hanson received The Esso Chemicals Prize, awarded for the best industrial chemical process design.

After university he joined Shell International and worked in several countries as a chemical engineer involved in the design and construction of oil and gas facilities. After leaving Shell he was involved in the design and construction of industrial chemical plants in several locations around the world.

Dr Hanson now writes and researches science full time. He lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand, is a keen jogger and a fan of the rock group Van Halen.