The shift toward corporate farming

By Robert Hickson 11/10/2012

A quick follow up to my last post. Kathryn Ryan had an interesting interview with Hamish Gow this morning. He is the Director of the Centre for Agribusiness Policy & Strategy at Massey University. Hamish suggests that greater attention needs to be paid to the marketing of food products in other countries to help gain access to new markets and have more control over value. He is of the opinion that current marketing strategies have considerable room for improvement. Currently there is more focus on processing.

He also notes the changing capability requirements for farmers – advocating for greater international experience for young graduates before they return to help run corporate farms. There are increasing numbers of students enrolling in agri-economics, which is encouraging. Farming syndicates are becoming more common – see MyFarm.

Hamish also talks about his involvement in helping improve food safety and small scale farming in developing countries.

You can listen to the interview here – Nine To Noon interview with Hamish Gow