Thinking Futures Workshop

By Robert Hickson 22/02/2013

The NZ Futures Trust is running a workshop in Wellington on 6th March. The purpose is to help connect up future thinkers and to help identify how the Futures Trust can better support futures thinking in NZ. The workshop will:

• identify gaps in the way futuring works to support New Zealand businesses

communities, policy-making and decision-making.

• identify and review potential “fixes” for the system gaps

• consider new ways to connect with other organisations, and

• work out how we can open up access to the resources held by NZFT and other organisations.

To find out more and register go here. Spaces are limited.


I’m involved in helping organise the workshop.

0 Responses to “Thinking Futures Workshop”

  • I’m curious – considering that this workshop is in essence crowdsourcing information, is there a reason it’s charging a (rather steep) price for people interested in taking part? And why on a weekday, when people might have to take leave to attend? My thoughts are that these actions might result in the usual crowd attending, and thus echo chamber-type stuff…

    • I think it important that we get people sitting down together and discussing the issues. Crowdsourcing can be good at generating ideas, but harder to get agreement on priorities or detailed discussion. Many of those interested appear not to know many of the others, so it is also to help NZ futurists get to know each other to better facilitate future collaboration & cooperation (which has generally greater success if there is a face to face rather than virtual get together). This is only the start of the exercise, and I expect further discussions will be electronic, and able to involve more interested folk.

      These days weekends seem as problematic as weekdays for getting people together. Costs have been kept as low as possible, and the intent is to cover costs not to generate profit.