Intergenerational Justice

By Robert Hickson 22/04/2013

Following on from my last post, I came across this 2011 series of videos on Intergenerational Justice from the Oxford Martin School. They are all quite long (some shorter snappier versions would be helpful so that they are more widely viewed) and I haven’t watched them all, but the one on Is the fiscal crisis forcing a rethink of our intergenerational compact with the elderly? looks at whether the young have a duty to support the elderly, or whether the current crises mean we should rethink that.

The video on Fiscal policy, fairness between generations, and national saving looks at different options for creating fair intergenerational fiscal policy.

The presentation on Demographic balance and human capital from an intergenerational perspective examines how population structures are changing in ways other than just age, and discusses the implications for productivity as well as adaptive capabilities and vulnerabilities in relation to climate change.