Randomized futuring

By Robert Hickson 04/10/2013

Now everyone can be a futures expert with this on-line futures buzzword generator, courtesy of Roman Tschäppeler.

It generates a three word phrase that you define in your own way. Roman encourages sharing them on his website or via Twitter using the hashtag #RemixDemix.

Here are some I generated:


TISSUE FUTURE MANIA – which could be an unexpected consumer appetite for lab-grown meat, or harking back to the Dutch Tulip Bubble, people investing heavily in stem cell and tissue culture public offerings to make a fast buck, or keep themselves young and healthy.

POLITICS MARKET OPHOBIA – the socialists and Occupy groups strike back, banning reference to “the market”

INFRA STYLE ING (yeah, the inglish ain’t purfect) – why limit your style choices to just clothes, hair and makeup. Now you can customise your body parts and appendages, and inject those luminescent GM bacteria to perfect your style and advertorial content.

NEO MEAT MARKET – that craze for lab-grown meat again.

DE CODE HOOD – Yo, homies! We’re gonna rip all those sensors, drone and sh#t out of our neigbourhood. Don’t want the government snoopin’ on us all the time.


Roman’s partly stolen my thunder for a Future’s Bingo card I’ve got in preparation. More on that another time.